F1 Coat Changes

Hi Everyone, I thought it would be interesting to show the various coat changes in our F1 Doodles. State the type of Doodle, the age and add the pics. I think it would be fun so see all the differences.

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    Hi everyone! This is Gwen our F1 Labradoodle. She turns 5 months this week. I really wanted a shaggy/wavy doodle, however Gwen was the last female left of her litter and I fell in love. She is starting to get shaggy here and there and I'm noticing random white hairs coming in. Excited to see how she changes! 

    1st picture is about 9 weeks and the 2nd one is now.

    • What nice shiny coat.  Can you post a current pic now and her age?

  • This is great.  Our Labradoodle has a mixed coat in different areas.

  • Here is Jack as a little pup and then around 6 months and again at 7 months with a haircut!

    I hope he stays Doodly! Waiting for his adult coat still!




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    • Sally M, look back at pictures in this post and you will have good idea on what to expect.  Post a picture of your pup.

  • Gunner is six months old now and has made plenty of changes. Everyday he looks more and more doodlee-ish.

    3366332590?profile=originalSeven weeks old on the drive home from picking him up.

    3366332678?profile=originalGunner 9 weeks old

    3366332771?profile=originalGunner 12 weeks old

    3366332803?profile=originalGunner 15 weeks

    3366332786?profile=originalGunner 4 months old

    3366332828?profile=originalGunner 5 months old. This picture looks like he is sleeping but he is doing his favorite command "go to sleep." He was up being a crazy puppy again in a few seconds after he realized no treats were involved.

    • He's adorable, is he a Goldendoodle?  Did his color change that much or is it the lighting?  He looks like he'll have a nice wavy coat.  Post more pics as he grows.

  • She is really cute and I love her name too.  It looks like she might have a nice fleece coat.

    I took pictures of Sadie each month, on the anniversary of her birthday, to keep a record of how she changed in appearance. It seemed like some months it wasn't much of a change and some others it was a lot.  I think being with them each day you don't notice the changes as much but comparing pictures from previous months sure showed her changes.

    • Thanks! Willow's coat has been slow to develop. I was looking at this site when I first got her and saw all these fluffy puppies and Willow just looked like a little golden retriever puppy. I was happy to find this discussion and was waiting for the day when I could show case some change! Lol.

  • This is my goldendoodle Willow. I love how her coat is turning out! I was looking back at pictures and I found I hardly have any of her when we first got her! Just a couple terrible quality one's off my iPod. 

    Here she is at 8 weeks (poor quality)


    And here she is at 14 weeks


    And here she is today at 7 months, finally getting some facial hair going!

    3366315771?profile=originalAlso 7 months..


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