Size of F-1s

Jordan is 24 inches and weighs 72p, she is 3y. (I know she needs to lose some weight.) Last year she was 66p. My Vet told me than she should lose 7p. I was shocked when she weighed 6 more pounds. I really thought she had lost some. She really does not look "fat". She still has the tuck at the rear,but she has some extra love'n in her doodle butt.I am just wondering if any one here knows how much she should weigh?

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    • No, it is not factual. It depends on a number of factors, including the adult size of the dog. Toy breeds can be full grown by six months. Giant breeds don;t complete their skeletal growth until about 18 months. It's easy to know with purebreds, almost impossible with these mixes, especially when the parents are two different breeds and/or sizes. And in all cases across the board, they will continue to gain weight in the form of muscle and bone mass even after the bones have stopped growing. 

  • My Shaggy is about 27" tall and weighs a pretty steady 85 pounds, 4 1/2 years old3366428963?profile=original

  • Hi I'm new here.     So many varying sizes, I guess doodles are just full of surprises... My Luna is 40lbs and will be 8 months old on August 6th. She was gaining weight very quickly at first but these past two months - she doesn't seem to have grown at all :)   

  • So funny at the differences, isn't it? Stanlee weighed in at 40 pounds at 17 weeks. Guess he's gonna be a big guy.

    • Enzo weighs in at 29lbs at 18 weeks! Both of her parents were about 50 and 60 lbs.
  • Connor my F1 goldendoodle is 3 yrs 3 months old, almost 27" to the shoulder and weighs between 72-75 lbs. He looks heavier because he is very very fluffy. When you see him wet, he is built very much like a poodle. We know an F1 goldendoodle who is about 30" to the shoulder and weighs in at 110 lbs. He's 4 yrs old and the vet said he looks like the right weight for his height and body type. That is one super size doodle....but sweet as a baby!

  • i dont know how tall Monty is........kinda tall. He is absolutely taller than both his parents. (which were championship dogs on both sides) with the proper height/weight etc. )   He is 16 months old, weighs 55 pounds. He was fixed as a baby, before we brought him home at 8 weeks.  I have read that early intervention like this leads to taller dogs??????  

  • Shelby weight has been steady at around 68. Been that way since a puppy and now she is 3 years 4 mos.
  • I have litermates with two totally different body sizes, of course one is a boy and one's a girl.. Hunter is 15 months old now and weighs 92 lbs. and from floor to top of head, he's at 33 in in height. Daisy, same age, is 67 lbs. (and actually needs to loose some weight) and from floor to top of head, she's at 26 in. in height. I should have known when we went to get them, the canine dad, Leo, who is a Standard Poodle, thought he was coming with and when he got in the back seat, he took up the whole back of the car! Let's just say that carting them to the vet or groomer that he has to be sitting up because if he lays down, Daisy has no where to go and when he does sit up, you can't see out the rearview mirror. You see Hunter's face :-)
    • Hi Caron, height in dogs is measured to the top of the shoulder, not the head.
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