My 3 & 1/2 month old F1 puppy Stanton sheds quite a bit more than we expected.  His coat is currently on the straighter side with a slight wave.  Does anyone know if he'll shed less when he gets his adult coat?  I attached a photo of what his coat looks like

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  • I see that this post is back from 2011.... Would love to see how Stanton turned out and what the answer to your question was!
    Our Enzo has a straight wavey coat at 4 months old, but down not shed in the least. Hoping it stays that way! ;)
  • Just looked at Stanton's pictures. He looks like my Mya. She has a real silky coat and she is the only one out  of the three that I find dust  bunnys of her hair. She doesn't  shed like other dogs I've had though.I never have hair on black pants with any of my dogs.Woth thisn coat it makes grooming a lot easier.

  • LeAnne, I am sad to say that our F1 doodle (who is now 3 yrs. old) sheds worse than my former Chow or my husbands former collie.  What happened to the sales pitch of " minamal to non shedding"  Apparently our GD did not get the memo on that.  She has straight long hair with a slight wave over her shoulders.  Hopefully Stanton will not shed as much as Mocha.
    • My F1 sheds like a cat.  The good thing for us is we....okay I...didn't chose the breed for the "non-shedding" quality.  Good thing because I could fill a king-sized mattress in about 2½ days.


      Stan's hair is more like a retriever than a poodle.

  • Yankee is five years old & still sheds, but we love him anyway. I understand they will shed if they are first generation, which he is. Also depends how curly the fur is.
  • Yankee is five years old & still sheds, but we love him u. I understandthey stillshedety
  • Yankee is five years old & still sheds, but we love him anyway! He is first generation& I understand they still shed, also depends on how curly their fur is.
  • I don't know if he'll shed or not, but he sure is one adorable little guy! :-)
  • But did Douglas ever shed regularly?  Looking at your early photos of Douglas, he looks nothing like Stanton (to me).  While Douglas' fur hasn't been curly it was clearly thicker and had the qualities you'd expect in a lower shedding doodle.  Whereas Stanton has a much flatter, thinner looking coat, Douglas' coat had body to it and was more 'spiky' if you will.
  • He appears to have more retriever coat genes and if his coat is as straight and flat as it is he very well may be a shedder.  Typically puppies don't shed LESS as they mature, but it's possible he might have seasons when he sheds more/less.  As I'm sure you know, with F1 doodles there is still a considerable chance of shedding unless you've picked out a pup based solely on coat type.
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