F1 Allergies

Hi! I'm currently in the process of doodle research because my boyfriend and I are planning on getting a doodle next spring.  He has mild dog allergies (my family has a golden retriever and he's really only bothered by him in situations where he's surrounded by a lot of Burton's hair - say the back of my car before I got seat covers...)  and I've read and heard different things about how people with allergies react to F1 doodles.  Does anyone with mild dog allergies have an F1 doodle? And are you at all bothered by their coat? I've heard that the curlier coats are better.

Thanks for your help!

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  • My boyfriend has mild allergies, and he is totally fine with my baby Bruno. And I'm not sure if he knows this, but I've caught Bruno sleeping on his pillows. ;) I just recently found out that my dog is allergic to things- quite ironic since we got him for the boyfriends allergies.

  • My husband is usually allergic to most dogs and we got an F1 goldendoodle last summer who does not shed. Her coat is not super curly.. more wavy fleece. He is not bothered by her at all. I was really worried how he would do with her, but it worked out great for us. I have heard the F1B 's are usually less likely to cause allergies, but I didn't want a super curly coat. I took a chance with her and she is perfect! Good Luck!
  • My husband is very allergic and so are both my daughters (although my daughter's don't live with us). We have an F1 goldendoodle who does not shed and no one is allergic to.
    • I do know that my breeder successfully matched a puppy from Peri's litter with an allergic family. She was of course an F1 also and it is working out just fine.
      Eileen makes a very good point - a good breeder should know how to predict a coat type....
      I don't have animal allergies, so I didn't care. Figured I would get the F1 that was a major shedder. Nope. You just can't always be certain!
  • I second Allyson's advice about the F1B. Another thing to consider is that there is a range in the type of coats F1 doodles have--some work better for people with allergies, and some don't work as well. My husband is allergic to just about everything, and even though we ended up with a doodle with not the best coat for us, he has actually worked out really well. Tyson is the first dog that has not made my husband break out in hives or have an asthma attack. The most important thing to do is make sure you find a good breeder who knows his/her stuff and make sure you are very clear about your needs.
  • I would personally go with another generation of doodle - like the F1B. This is an F1 bred back to a poodle - although it is never 100% that they will be okay for allergies, it is a safer bet since they have more poodle in them....
    Have you found a breeder yet that offers F1bs? I don't know how far you have gotten in your research.
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