we've been waiting, it seems like forever to get our golden doodle.  we had requested either a dark carmel or a black male. we go this saturday to pick him out - and we'll bring him home on the 17th - so a week from friday!  i was wondering if the black doods that have the red beards - was the coloring at all present when they were puppies?  my husband wants a black dood - but, he wants him to be all black - no white, silver, gray, or red.  our bestest furbaby that just crossed the rainbow bridge was a german shepherd - and they are pretty much what you see is what you get -  As far as doodles, are there any indicators with F1's as to "other" colors popping out?  thanks!  lisa

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  • The litter that we got our Enzo from had 3 black Doodles.  Each and every one of them, was pure, jet black.  Beautiful dogs....but they didn't pick me, Enzo did! 

      In their case, Mom was a dark golden, Golden and Dad a black Poodle.

    • A few weeks have passed since this last post. Enzo was a creamy gold when we brought her home at 8 weeks. Now at 18 weeks, she is turning a darker golden. Her ears ha pave always been darker, is I pretty much knew this would happen. LOL, the tips of her hair are very deep gold, almost orangey. The other day, I had a teenager ask me how long it took me to dye her hair like that. It was " sooooooo cool" so he told me! :p
  • They change colors depending in lineage.  I have seen the poodle genes changing much more than the golden/lab.

    My Oliver was mahogheny and white and now much lighter brown and white but, ONCE you love them, it does not matter.

    Trim the beard if it gets red!


    • Judy, he's beautiful, I love his color.

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