Hi, I am new to the forum and hope I am posting in the right place. I am looking for a breeder in CA (I live in the East Bay) with standard sized first generation golden doodles.  I am happy to wait for a puppy.  I'd appreciate any suggestions, especailly from folks who have first hand experience with specific breeders. Many thanks, Julie

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  • Julie, did you ever get your doodle?
  • I have a first generation from a good professional line.  I purchased my Monty from Del-Frunessa in Ohio.  Monty is 15 months old, we are very happy with our guy. 

  • Owner Recommended Breeders Group and Doodle Puppies for Sale Group are two great places to find goldendoodle breeders in your area. :-) Also, petfinder.com can hold doodle treasures in looking for a goldendoodle. :-) Just pop in your zip code, under breed enter Standard Poodle and it will show you listing by area including golden retriever/standard poodles. HOpe this helps :-)...and welcome to DoodleKisses btw.
  • Hi Julie,

    I left info on this on your page...check your My Page...toward the bottom where there are comments. I left an article on what to look for in a breeder and at the end of the article you'll find lists that you can search by state, including our owner recommended breeder list. We don't permit public breeder recommendations on Doodle Kisses except in the Owner Recommended Breeders group. The reason for this is to reduce/prevent people from recommending any 'ol backyard breeder. While Doodle Kisses does not endorse any specific breeder, nor do we guarantee any of the lists we have or that we share about breeders, we do suggest guidelines for buyers to help them make educated decisions on this topic. If someone wants to give you a recommendation privately, that's fine, but none are permitted publicly except in the group mentioned above.
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