Non-shed but non-matting?

Can you have a non-shedder that doesn't matt? Peri does not shed and has not started matting yet (at almost 8 months old). She is a mini. I comb her at least every other day. I hear all about non-shedders matting and the need for rigorous grooming, but was wondering if that just applies to later generations and not f1s? Any ideas? I also know that their coat can start to change around this time....does the matting occur over night. I know there are a lot of questions in here.... Thanks in advance :)

Update at almost 9 months: Okay - she is starting to shed like a maniac!!!! Is this normal? Clumps everywhere. I am brushing her at least every other day, but am finding balls of it in corners in my house. She has never shed before!


Update at 1 year:  shedding MUCH less and matting only slightly - in the normal places, such as behind the ears, under the arms, etc...I can control it if I comb her 1x/week.  A few months ago it was every other day.  I think I am lucky with her coat.  Barely sheds (I mean, she is almost non-shedding) and barely matts.  I better knock on wood.

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  • My Oliver is 2 yrs. now and started matting at about 1. Until then his coat was a breeze to care for.  He does seem to matt over night believe it or not.  Wish someone had a clue on how to stop this. I bathe him every other week and put conditioner on the coat, but not much help.

  • Laika (6 months) just started shedding these little tufted bundles of hair last week. They're like little "hair bouquets". (LOL) They appear more in her joint areas, and they brush right out with the paddle brush we have. I'm so lost when it comes to brushing her. A. She HATES it. B. I got a paddle brush because that's what I used on my pure bread poodle years ago but Laika has a wavy coat, not a curly coat so it may be the wrong tool. C. She hates it. yeah. I know I just said that, but it really makes it NO FUN! Well... i think that's another post. :)
    • Try a steel comb. We have found this used in conjunction with the Les Poochs brush really works. Peri is wavy also...
  • Koda, F1 Goldendoodle used to have soft and easy to manage non-shaedding coat until he turned 11 months old. The matts almost apppeared overnight. Every night I spent a good 30-45 mins combing out the matts, only to see new ones appeared the next day. We told the groomer to shave him down to 1/2-inch length, and that was back in Nov 09. Now his coat is around 2 to 2.5 inches in length, still no matts (just small tangles here and there) and he still remains a non-shedding dog. His coat texture seems to have changed a little, softer and it takes a long time to dry compared to my GR.
  • I just gave another update up top - at 1 year, things are pretty good grooming wise.
    • I thought this discussion was very interesting because I have the same type of situation. Darwin got a few matts on his chest, and I shaved him down worried that he was starting "the phase". But since then, he hasn't matted hardly at all, and he still doesn't shed. I have been noticing that when I brush and comb him more hair is coming out... but still, nothing on my floor. He's almost 11 months old now... I am wondering if he will either start shedding, or start matting. Who knows? hopefully he will turn out more like Peri.
    • So far, she has a pretty low maintenance coat - I do brush her, but it isn't so bad. I really hope it continues, but really think it is too darn good to be true!!!!
    • I agree. Too good to be true. I'm steeling myself for the worst.
  • Jordan is 4yo she does not shed or mat. She and Samantha (some others as well) have a soft curl coat. I can go a whole month and not brush Jordan out, give her a bath she will be soft as can be. I am very lucky. Jordan is an F1 LD
  • My Rags F1 matts especially if she wears her hunting vest and she does shed. My Gracie F6 doesn't shed but goodness she can collect matts in the wooly fur overnight. My Holly F1B has the best coat of all as it only slightly sheds but hardly matts. Just the downside of being a doodle Mom. Happy Holidays!
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