Should I invest in an expensive brush yet?

I'm pretty sure my baby F1 golden doodle is going to be a shedder.  Totally fine, its what I was prepared for with a F1.  However, I can't decide if what she's doing now is temporary.  She's only 18 weeks, but she's definitely going through a coat change.  Lots of new, wavy hair coming in, and LOTS of white, "puppy" fur coming out.  I do expect her to be a life-long shedder, just not sure if it will be life-long heavy shedding or if it will slow down.  And, I don't know much about the expensive brushes, but have heard they are a good investment for big shedders.  I know every doodle is different, but any thoughts on whether this major shedding is just a phase?  Even if it is just a phase, is it worth going ahead and buying an expensive brush for the long-term?  Thanks for any experienced thoughts!  

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  • Jewel gets brushed with the FURminator twice a week as well as our two major shedders, a Golden/Lab mix and Corgi. It really cuts down on the size dust bunnies that need to be swept up ;) The fur ball was so big I thought we had a new pet before finding that brush. Not sure if she will need it later on, but it beats being covered with signs of fur luv & having to sweep and vacuum daily! Brushing is much more fun in my book. For grooming to keep mats out, I found a child's brush with spread out bristles & one with them closer together do the trick cheaply, softly & clean up quickly in a warm soapy water.
  • When you say lots of white coming out, is it dropping when you pet her or when she moves around?  If the white is fluffy and comes out when brushed, that's pretty normal for a doodle in my experience. You don't have to get an expensive brush. I use a poodle comb because of mats.  I am sure you'll get lots of help. We have a great bunch of Doodle Owners!

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    • Thanks Judy!  We laugh because Lilly is kind of "snowing" at the moment!  Her hair just kind of floats around everywhere.  But, its really only the lightweight, long puppy fur that seems to be coming out for now.  She may start shedding the wavier, thicker hair too, but only time will tell!  So far, the brush we have pulls out a lot of hair, but obviously not all of it!  She's so sweet it doesn't really matter even if she snows all day… but want to make sure we don't have to throw all of our black clothes away!  Ha!

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