Hi everyone..Bo had been shaking his head like crazy so I looked at his ears and the R one was red and sore. So I cleaned his ears out and gave an antibiotic. Lots of wax came out and eventually his ears returned to a nice pink color. Well now he's back to shaking his head so I just cleaned them again. His ears are still pink inside, no redness. So what could be making him shake his head this time? Also his hears had an odor before I cleaned them which I know could be a sign of an infection, but they don't look red or sore.Suggestions please, thanks!

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  • Probably yeast in the ears. It will require drops for 10 days. Or at least that's what our vet did for ours
  • Could be the infection is deep down in the canal..... I use to have a springer and that happened to him.  Kirby kept shaking his head but both ears looked healthy and were clean, however, it was there and I knew it by his behavior and he just felt warm with fever.... Took him to vet and she recommended an antibiotic and some ear drops that sent him into crazy dog mode..... he hated it, but it worked.

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