Question about F1b coats

Hello. We will be bringing our puppy home in January and was wondering if anyone has experience with an F1b whose coat was "straight" as a puppy? I'm hoping he gets shaggy/wavy. I really want him to get doodly, but not too curly! I also wonder if he has the facial furnishings that end-up very doodle-like? I will try to attach a pic. The breeder contacted me last night and said the boy on the left is ours (we got last pick).Any insight is appreciated!! :)


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  • I agree that it is hard to tell when so young. Ishmael was 5 weeks old in first photo and 3 years old in second. He has loose curls.

    the pose small.jpg


  • Ours looked kind of straight to me and it has gotten more wave each week. She probably won't be curly but wavy I think. She was older than yours though do the waves were easier too see. We haven't picked her up yet but I'll attach 5 and then 6 week photos to see if that helps. Your puppy is adorable!


  • 3366783139?profile=original

    This is Annabelle at about 8 weeks taken by the breeder. She is an F1B mini. She is supposed to be shaggy/wavy. She does have some wave, but also some crazy Albert Einstein hair too.

    3366783257?profile=originalThis was taken last week at 18 weeks.

  • Thank you for the replies! Looking at the pics of both of your fur babies when they were babies, I'm thinking I might get the wavy doodle of my dreams! Yay!
    And Lori, he was 4 weeks old in that pic. I agree--he's very young to tell what might happen to his coat, but getting opinions from you experienced Doodle owners sure does help! :)
  • Go check my page- Ragley was very straight as a puppy and is a perfect loose wave now. I have pictures from 3 weeks old to present that show her progression :)
  • Oh wow! He is adorable but very young. Almost too young to tell very much. How old is he? My Daphne is an F1b and looked very similar as a baby.



    3366783228?profile=originalThe straight coat you are describing usually does end up being more of a wavy doodle as opposed to the tighter curly doodles.

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