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Dear Fox Creek Farm Doodle Owners

Fox Creek Farm has changed the food it feeds.  We have found an all natural food that is suited for all stages meaning there is no puppy formula and separate adult formula.  It is grain free as grains are what cause most allergy issues with dogs.  It is made from only ingredients produced in the USA and has never had a recall.  It has no preservatives, and therefore, is shipped directly to each customer.  Most commercial dog foods found on store shelves were manufactured an average of 18 mos. prior requiring the use of preservatives and chemicals.  We feel we have found one of the best foods available for dogs and the convenience of having it delivered to our door is a definate bonus.  A discounted price is available when an autoship order is placed.  You can choose the frequency you want it shipped to you.  The name of the food is Life's Abundance.  I became a distributor for this company because I am impressed with the quality of their products.  Anyone wanting to try this food can access my distributor account either via my website or by using this link:  http://www.lifesabundance.com/Pets/PetsHome.aspx?realname=20073560

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  • Hi Amy, Just wanted to let you know Bowie got home OK. Aureo ha3366167653?profile=originals taken to him already. Attached is a photo of them together.

  • I am looking for litter mates for Elle. DOB 12/20/09 her parents are Levi and Faith. Elle has some unique habits..... smiles when she's happy(Her grandpa Chester did and speaks...well moans like she's talking(daddy Levi does that)3365983012?profile=original

  • I would like to invite you all to the 6th Annual Dewey Beach Doodle Romp scheduled for 4/30-5/1 in Dewey Beach, DE.  This romp is a fund raiser for Food for Friends, a charity that provides meals to the terminally ill.  No fee is required to attend the romp, but donations during the event are appreciated.  You will find more info on my website and also at www.DoodlesInDewey.com.  I hope to see you there!
  • Tucker Shayne continues to be a delight to his family.  Very healthy, too smart and a loving companion. He has a bunch of friends, both canine and human and loves the beach and his dog park buds. Still the cutest guy ever!  Wondering if anyone else has had the very black noses turn pink?  In the last month we've noticed it changing.  Is this normal? Is it his food?  Would appreciate any info.
  • Hi There


    I am looking for littermates for Ginger, born 10/17/2010, out of Bam-Bam and Bambi.





  • Tucker is just 6 months and I love the black nose. Makes him look like a stuffed toy....but will keep an eye on his nose now that I know what to look for! Met a visitor to Hilton Head who saw Tuck and me walking on the beach., She couldn't get over how much he looked like her Mini Doodle named Hudson, Then we compared notes and found out he was a Foxcreek , Bambi's boy. So no wonder they looked alike. What fun to meet like that!
  • I had the same issue with Cody. The Vet said it is actually quite normal for a dog to "lose" the blackness in the nose if they roll around. Especially our breed! The more they roll the more they lose. If he stops for awhile, the black will come back. But the second he rolls around it will begin again! I've learned to just luv the splotchy nose!!! Karen
  • I didn't check yet but I'm probably one of the ones deleted. I didn't follow the questions exactly. I guess I'll have to go back and do it again. They must be pretty nit-picky!! Just to keep everyone who responded to Harvey's nose problem posted, I've been watching Harvey to see if I can see any clues about the mystery (he's missing some black on his nose!) and I'm wondering if it could be something in his food. After dinner, he rolls around on the floor (or the bed!) and rubs his nose on the rug (or blanket). We've been feeding him food from a local dog specialty store. The timing for losing some black on his nose could be right I just can't remember. I guess my next step is to switch to another food and see what happens! Nancy
  • The "Owner Recommended Breeders" group was reviewed for complete answers to questions and all but one comment about visits to Fox Creek Farm was deleted by the moderator. I'm not quite sure why it was felt the contributions were not in compliance, but anyone wishing to add their comments about their visit to Fox Creek Farm are welcome to go to that group again. Thanks!
  • I'm pretty sure it isn't a big deal and thanks to you guys for your comments. Did Choe always have her Rudolph nose? Harvey's used to be really black! Of course, he's still adorable! I'm going to watch it and see if I can figure it out! Nancy
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Doodle owners in Northern VA

Dawn and I will be bringing Beckley a multi Gen Doodle home from Amy's this weekend.  We would like to get in contact with other Doodle owners from the area. We live in South Riding and go to the Doggie Park on Old Lee Road. Beckley will be going to Service Dog Training starting the 2nd week in August.  We are looking forward to having him as a part of our family. Gene

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Izzy & Radar's litter born on Jan. 31, 2010

Hello, I'd love to meet the owners of Caddy's litter-mates that were born on Jan. 31 last year.  We are truly blessed to have this wonderful dog in our lives.  I am hoping that Caddy's litter-mates are as fun, loving, goofy, charismatic, loyal and sensitive as he is.  :)  I look forward to meeting you all.

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New Baby Coming...

I know I maybe opening a can of worms, but here it goes.  Does anyone out there have any new baby suggestions with an established doodle in the house?  Ozzy is nearly 2 years old (on April 24th) and he is my little velcro poochie.  I am home with him all the time, my husband at night and in the am, our 7 year old daughter is here on the weekends. I know he's good with kids and babies. Should I be worried of his jealousy factor with a newborn on the way?    I talk to Ozzy about the new pack…

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