I hope there are many gardeners among us doodle owners. After all we must be nurturers. We can share information on what's safe for dogs, how to keep them from destroying plantings and all green related things.

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Doodles and Wisteria Roots?

I finally managed to eradicate a non-blooming wisteria infestation in my yard and gravel driveway, but intractable, large roots remain embedded in the ground.  Belle, who definitely inherited the lab "eat everything in sight" gene, finds the roots irresistible.  We cannot go to her potty spot, or walk on or off the property, without passing the roots.  I know wisteria seeds, pods, flowers and foliage are toxic, and I watch Belle and remove a root asap if she manages to grab one. She is very…

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Seed starting & mold prevention

Hi!Does anyone here start veggie seeds indoors?   I started last year and I had some success but a rampant mold of some kind destroyed a lot of my plants.  Any suggestions for avoiding the mold? :)  Last year I watered from underneath, sprayed with dilute peroxide at the first sign of mold which helped a bit but I couldn't save some of the smaller plants.I just planted today and here is my setup.  The lights are set for a 16h/day light cycle, and yes they are in a small storage closet :p The…

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Jumping Worms

I enjoy following "A Way to Garden" on FB. Here was an interesting article on this scary Asian Jumping Worm. https://awaytogarden.com/asian-jumping-worms-what-we-know-with-uw-madisons-brad-herrick/

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