Families from Ginger and Kirby of Colorado Mountain Labradoodles who were born in January of 2010.
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  • Amber wishes all of her brothers and sisters a happy first as well. She is proving to be an absolutely wonderful and loving friend. We're working on the jumping as well, Stacy. After she calms down she's a great hostess to the guests, but those first few minutes are a little hectic. I put on her leash and have her greet guests in a sitting position, then let her off when she appears to have calmed down some. There is just the two of us, so it's an absolute joy to have her around. Should probably update this pic.
  • Scout wishes all of her brothers and sisters a Happy Birthday! I will try to post some recent pictures of her tomorrow, and hope that others may do the same sometime soon! She is SO kind and loving to all of us. We are hoping that with some maturity she will stop jumping on people, though! We feel so fortunate that she is part of our family. Hope all is well with all of you.
  • Hey all I posted a BUNCH of new Pictures of Joia with more to come. She is HUGE! I took her to a Mt. Audubon a "13'r" in Brainard Lake. She and Zeus had a WONDERFUL time!! She is such a joy. Some of the pictures have her cousin Bane (Pit Bull) in them the gentlest boy if there ever was one. I will post some of the hike pictures soon. Took them last week to Diamond Lake in Nederland. She LOVES the sights and sounds. BTW Joia is VERY attached to me for sure which I understand is a doodle trait? She follows me Everywhere and tries to get in the shower with me too!!!!
  • BTW, Amber met Joyia (Miss Purple) at the reunion and they hit it off as soon as they got together. Played constantly. Sure wish Moffat and the others had been there....
  • Hey Guys,
    Just posted some pics of Amber we took on a litle overnighter we did in the Eagle's Nest area. And yes, Amber is barking at just about everything... Hope it's an Angst phase that we can get a grip on here soon... Hope everyone's summer has been great!
  • I just posted a couple of new photos of Moffat on our personal page. Sure would love to see recent photos of our nieces and nephew!
  • So, is anyone else's puppy growling and barking at any reflection in the house right now?
  • Hello friends!! We are finally unpacked and resting from our vacation. Brewster came through his neutering really well, in fact acted like it was just another normal day. It was great meeting everyone and their pups...what a beautiful litter! Hope to do it again! If you guys are ever in Kansas City, give us a call now that you have our number. Hope all is well! Don't stop updating and posting pictures of your pups!
  • Amber says goodnight to all of her sisters and her brother that she spent time with today! I'll bet there are four little sleeping doodles tucked in bed right now. And Greg and I say it was great to see you Maila, Tom, Jan, Caroline, and Henry and wonderful to meet new friends, too. Maila, you sure pick nice people to take your puppies home with them!
  • Ours is 303-704-2701. Hope to see everyone there... Greg
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