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  • busy few days here! Iris finished delivering 5 beautiful puppies. 2 boys and 3 girls!

  • Your mother looks just like my poodle mother, Dandy! Congrats on your litter. Kathryn lee, makewayfordoodles!
  • Congrats Kerry! What a polite girl you have! She's even gonna let you get some sleep tonight. Show us pictures when you get a chance. :o)
  • Congratulations on your puppies! I love the name Iris! Have a restful night! Kathryn lee, makewayfordoodles!
  • Hi, Iris has had 4 puppies since 11am. 2 boys and 2 girls.
    What a sweet girl she is, having the pups in the day!!
    Ulta sound showed 4 but I thing there is one more left.
    pictures to come~
  • Wishing you and your mother doodle well, Kerry, and looking forward to seeing pictures of your new puppies! kathryn lee
  • Iris, that's her in the picture is still holding on to the pups.
    She is not agitated nor in pain. So we shall wait til' tomorrow.
  • Hi!, I am expecting some mini.midis, f1/ f2 standards and an f1b litter, in the upcoming year. I make light and dark puppies. I also make goldenDORdoodles, aka North American Retrievers, a cross between a labradoodle and goldendoodle and also f1b labradoodles, mini or standard. Happy Days! Kathryn Lee, www.makewayfordoodles.com
  • -OFA or PennHIP clearance on hips (or Euro equivalentyes
    -CERF and/or PRA eye clearance yes
    -2 yr Health Guarantee that offers monetary reimbursement (and does not require return of puppy)yes
    -Pet puppies are sold on contract that nullifies owner's breeding rights and/or puppies undergo early spay/neuter. no
    -Additional testing
    We are waiting for Iris to have her puppies anytime now!
    She had an ultra sound at 30 days and we saw 4 puppies! Two of the puppies are already sold.
    Cant wait to post pictures of our new F1 goldendoodles!
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Looking for sire

Wanted: Health tested Golden Doodle Stud for Zoelle, our chocolate F1b Golden Doodle. She should be coming into season in September. This will be Zoelle’s third litter. We are looking for either a red that carries chocolate or a black that carries chocolate and red. We live in New Jersey, but will travel for the right stud. Contact me at jaysons3@comcast.net or PM me. Thank you 

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Multi Generation Golden Doodle Puppies for Sale, New Jersey

I have two puppies available.Monroe- Red curly coatLincoln- Red Smooth coated13 weeks old, up to date with vaccines, wormings and have vet clearance.2" three ring binder full with all the information you will need to raise a happy healthy puppyHuge goody bag with a doodle book, samples of Taste of The Wild food, stainless steel comb, Bass palm brush, nail clippers, dental kit, toys and more. Please go to my web page pamperedpawspetmassage.com and fill out application and forward back to me.This…

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20 month old F1 Standard Goldendoodle available in Phoenix AZ metro area

We would like to find a home for our 20 month old F1 Standard Goldendoodle. He is a perfect size: 47 pounds, 25 inches at the shoulder, non-shedding soft curly coat, cream with apricot accents. He is house-trained, neutered, micro-chipped, crate-trained, and current on vaccinations. He is very smart, very affectionate, and very active. He thrives on an hour per day of engaged exercise. For the right person who is skillful and experienced with dogs, who wants a lot of interaction with an…

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we have puppies Southern New Jersey

Hello Everyone!  We have puppies, lots of them. We planned on the one litter but Penny also wanted to get in on the action!  We wanted to hold off on Penny's last litter for another year but Sidney and Penny had other ideas! So needless to say we have 20 puppies. After the whelping period, Penny will be spayed. Sidney got neutered in May. So my only intact dog will be Zoelle. I am doing Guardian homes for now on. Here is the copy and paste -- Are both parents hips tested and cleared by OFA,…

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