We would like to find a home for our 20 month old F1 Standard Goldendoodle.

He is a perfect size: 47 pounds, 25 inches at the shoulder, non-shedding soft curly coat, cream with apricot accents. He is house-trained, neutered, micro-chipped, crate-trained, and current on vaccinations.

He is very smart, very affectionate, and very active. He thrives on an hour per day of engaged exercise.

For the right person who is skillful and experienced with dogs, who wants a lot of interaction with an intelligent, loving dog, this puppy would be an outstanding companion.

We love him very much and wish we could spend more time with him than we can with our busy schedules.  He would be a great pet for a family with middle school and older children who would be excited to play with him.

We are located in the Phoenix metro area.

We plan to go through an agency that matches people with pets. There will be an adoption fee.

If interested please email me at Gr8tDog@gmail.com

-- Are both parents hips tested and cleared by OFA, PennHIP, or their Canadian/Euro equivalents? Yes

-- Are both parents tested and cleared for eye disorders either by PRA or yearly CERF exam? Yes

-- Any other additional health testing/clearances on the parent dogs (please list if yes)?

Yes. Both parents are also OFA tested and negative for elbows, patella, cardiac

Father (white golden retriever from Russia, CKC registered) is also tested and negative for Multidrug Resistance in Cancer
Mother (red standard poodle from France) is RKF registered

-- Do you offer a minimum of a 2 year health guarantee on your puppies with monetary reimbursement (without required return of dog) should one of your warranty-covered disorders occur in this puppy? No

-- Will these puppies be spayed or neutered before they go home? Already neutered

-- If puppies won't be early spayed/neutered, how will you prevent your pups from being bred possibly indiscriminately by unqualified people (i.e. spay/neuter contract, etc)? Already neutered

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