This is a group for anyone who has a goldendoodle. Lets share info, stories, pictures and anything golden.
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  • Goldendoodles are a very special breed.  F1b perhaps?  Mini or full sized?  I just ordered a copy of an old photo of my labradoodle and goldendoodle puppy running on the beach.  What super memories!  They are both gone now, but the memories will always be there.  Enjoy every minute.

  • We are getting a goldendoodle puppy this July. I CANNOT wait to get this pup! I am so excited. I want to read and learn everything about goldendoodles! 

    We currently have a 3 year old cockapoo, so we are familiar with dogs and puppies. We put a deposit down on one close by in Pennsylvania. I get so excited just thinking about the puppy! 

  • Just do a search for the DK Facebook page and "like" it.
  • Does anyone no how I add DoodleKisses to my facebook

  • You got that right Meg.  Sometimes...but not always.  I just prefer males for their personalities.  My ALD, however, has started a curious behavior.  He walks backward up a tree trunk so he can leave his scent up high on the tree.  Have you ever seen that?  And his anal glands are quite active.  Little stinker!

  • I have only had female dogs in the past because I didn't want a dog that would lift it's leg or hump everything in sight. Murphy is the first male dog I ever owned. He has totally changed my mind on all of these issues - plus more. He was neutered at 6 months which I think helped. I guess maybe I am lucky but he has never lifted his leg to anything other than an occasional bush (he still squats at 6 yrs) and I have never seen him hump anything. He is a very loving dog and has totally changed my mind on this issue and I would probably select a male again because of him. (Female dogs can sometimes be real bitches.)

  • Honestly, Male vs female thing....6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other.  It's like asking which children are better, girl or boy?   I have had both and bonded with both. Their personalities vary from dog to dog.  Find a litter, sit down on the floor and be prepared to watch each dog...remember, the little one who is sleeping in the corner today, may be a hell on wheels visit often and at different times.

  • I have three and would have more if I had the room. P.S I am not an animal hoarder, I just love Doodles. I would love to have a choc. doodle.  I am watching the rescue sites and maybe someday one will find me. I have two girls and one male. All were easy to train and they all get along great.

  • Well, Patti, I have a preference to males because I think they are easy going.  Also, the neutering is easier with the males, just snip, snip.  My son had a female dog when he was younger and she was super protective toward him.  She would get between him and anyone who bothered him (including me).  Totally dedicated to one person only.  I don't know if that is a typical female trait, but we sure noticed it.

  • Can someone please tell me the advantage/disadvantage in selecting a male or female.  I've only had female pets in the past.  Thank you.

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Introducing a Second GOLDENDOODLE into our Pack--Need Tips!

Hi Everyone!  We  have a beautiful F1B Goldendoodle that is now 4 years old..  We have been talking about adding a second fur baby to our pack and are now on a litter that is due to come home in May.  I'm super nervous about introducing a puppy into what is now a very easy, and peaceful situation.  Our DUKE is fabulous--easy-going, excellent with everyone he meets including our 3 kids, and a fun dog to take with us on our camping trips, etc....  The idea of another doodle sounds like so much…

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Raw Paw Pad

Hello doodle owners. Happy 4th of July. I was swimming with my little girl, Abby, today when I noticed her paw was bleeding. It appears she had scraped her paw pad while playing around the pool. She doesn't seem too bothered by it and it really isn't bleeding anymore.Have any of you experienced this raw paw issue? What did you do? I cleaned it well, wrapped it in some gauze and put a sock over it. Anything else I should have done?

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Just curious, GD vs. GR personality?

I am just wondering if any of you who have spent much time around adult Goldendoodles and Golden Retrievers could comment about the differences in their general personality traits as adults?My 10 yr old GR passed away last week, and I love my little doodle boy to pieces but his little puppy teeth and puppy games I have to admit are sometimes not very comforting to my grieving family:( So I realize I ask this question out of grief and maybe not the best time to ask. But I know I will want…

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