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  • Hi, Sue.  Our oldest chocolate babies are 11 months old and i have not seen or heard that any have turned but it may be early to tell if they do end up turning as I know my blue-blacks have turned blue-silver (as expected) but it was usually into the 2nd year when that occurred.  The sire is 3 years plus and is a wonderful chocolate color, no turning has occurred.  We do have the photos of our older babies on our website.  here is the link to the oldest litter.http://www.goldens-n-doodles.com/PUPS-GODIVA-1-22-11-MAIN.html     You are welcome to contact me for references or other information at Teri@goldens-n-doodles.com.  I seldom get on here lately as I spend far too much time on this site!  Thanks, Sue!  Teri

  • I see that you have some Chocolate Goldendoodles coming up. Do they stay dark or turn Cafe? Also do you have any pics of adults? Thanks

  • Anyone here waiting for the Minnie-Sparky litter?  We're so excited!!!
  • Just in case any Nashville area folks are interested, Yvonne N. and I are getting the doods (Astro big red dood and Peri little mini girl) together this weekend at Warner dog Park. We are meeting at 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon. Stop by if any of you are available and in the area!
  • We'll miss you, Allyson. We're bringing Radley.
    Monique, Minnie & Chloe were all bred this week. WAiting for Godiva to go into heat soon and she'll breed to a large standard brown multigen goldendoodle for yumming chocolate puppies!
  • Teri, I am going to miss the Romp!!! BOOOO.....
    Conor may bring Peri since it is pretty close to our home. I am trying to talk him into it. I will be in Dallas :( I am so sad.
  • Teri, I am sooo glad to hear that you are safe. All you folks in Tennessee are in our prayers. Please keep us updated on Miss Minnie and her family.
  • We are praying for you guys! Let us know if there's anything we can do to help! We'll be up in a week or two to visit the puppies and can bring home supplies and some clothes if needed.
  • I have had 5 friends in Bellevue completely lose their homes. It is TERRIBLE. Everyone needs to pray. I hope Miss Minnie and her family is okay. This is so sad. Keep me posted.
    I am safe, dogs are safe. I am at work, but basically came in because I am totally HELPLESS and cannot get to anyone that needs me.
  • Allyson we personally are fine - lots of our friends not so fine - two that I know of lost their businesses, Leipers Fork was devastated and the woman who owns the Doodle Romp property suffered losses. It's unbelievable. Miss Minnie is in a guardian home in Bellevue and they can't get out - she needs to go to the reproduction vet today or tomorrow but that's not gonna happen. Least of our worries, though. Glad you're safe. Were you able to go to work today?
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