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  • The only thing safe in my house are the Kongs. I fill them treats and the dogs love them. They knock them all over the house. Shea chews anything and these are tuff.We tried the tuff firehose toys and they were gone in a fwe minutes,the best are the knotted ropes.They all get into the action when one has one of these toys..

  • First, here is a link to a video of Rua with her "Baby".  This was taken when Rua was almost 9 weeks and weighed a little over 4lbs.  (I have to tell you I just got all weepy seeing this again...OMD, I can't believe how little she was.)



    Here is a picture showing "Baby" and her mini Steg together!  Note..."Baby" is 10 months old.  She lost the little "bow" and her little ears a long time ago, and I just "amputated" her right arm because it was getting ready to fall off and I didn't want Rua to swallow it. 





    Now, here is a picture of Rua, 17.6lbs, and the two toys!  I think that I would go with the Baby Steg for Maggie.  The Mini is 10.5" x 5" x 2.5" versus 10" x 6" x 4"!




    And speaking of Maggie...she is just adorable.  Aren't you just loving her?  I sent you a friend request, too! 


  • Got some new toys for Rua's first birthday...first, a Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat (I think I saw a video that someone posted with their dog playing with one).  I put the Buddy Oh's in then, but will use Cherrios when the bag is gone.  It is now for heavy chewers but she loves to roll it around to get the treats out (shaped like a flying saucer).  Second, a GoDogFun.com mini Dino (she has the blue Stegosaurus).  It is made with some kind of Chew Guard technology, has a great "squeaker sound" (she comes running from downstairs when she hears it), and is machine washable.  We'll see how these work!

    Home | Go Dog Fun
    goDog™ is a fun lovin' brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tou…
  • Brady 13 weeks has loved playing with the medium sized (about the size of a basket ball) light weight rubbery plastic balls you get in a toy dept., say Walmart.  He rolls it along the ground with his nose then pounces on it.   Keeps his attention for quite some time.   Also - loves his baby konk filled with p. butter and then placed in the freezer for about l hour!
  • Thanks Lori and Nancy for your suggestions,
    Very helpful, as there are so many things out there to choose from.
  • Balls, balls & more balls - Casper LOVES balls - I think it's in their blood! I remember reading before I even got him that a ball will be his FAVORITE thing & it sure is - sometimes he will even sleep with one in his mouth ; )
  • Janel, I would get a puppy kong, a nylabone, a hollow bone, one stuffie and see what happens.  Once you see what the pup kind of likes you can get other things of that genre.
  • I am looking for suggestions for toys for my puppy.  We are getting her in August and would like to have a few things ready.  I don't want to buy tons till I know if she is a "destroyer" or not..  I know I need chew type toys for sure...


  • Thank you again, DK family! A while back, someone talked about their doodles favorite toy was a rubber duck head and body on a rope. I bought one today to take to the dog park Clover and I just joined and she LOVED it. I guess it's an early birthday present. She'll be one on the 19th.  Today was kind of fun. We had the dog park all to ourselves for most of the time we were there. I do not have a yard for Clover, so she was in doggy heaven!
  • We got a stuffed toy for Huff in December and guess what it is still alive. He does chew it a lot, but it dosen't have one rip in it.

    Go to fullsize imageHuff's is the racoon one.

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Rope toys

My Doodle Charlie loves rope toys, he shakes them tosses them and chews them but the problem is they all fall fray and he ends up trying to eat all the little strings, can anyone recommend a good rope type toy?Thanks

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Nina Ottosson Dog Toy Recommendation

Yesterday I was at a mall that has a pet store for dogs and cats. It carries the Nina Ottosson interactive games and puzzles. I only recently learned about her company from the recent Doodle Kisses giveaway. I bought the "dog brick" game for Bentley. He has already mastered it.....genius! LOL! Anyway, I can put it out for him a couple times a day to keep him busy. I may have to get another one for Christmas so I can switch them out. He has the large wobbly Kong that you put kibble in, and he…

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EGG Babies !

I want to tell you about one of the toys Finnley received recently.It is called EGGBabies by Kyjen.This plush toy, (hers, is a platypus) is so dang cute, and Finnley hasn't put it down for more than 30 minutes at a time. It has little Kiwi sized squeak balls in it's belly, that the dog is suppose to see you put in,  then take out and put back in again. That teaches them what they should do. Finnley does it for the shear pleasure of squeaking them.I definitely was a bit skeptical at first. I…

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