A place for owners and their doodles who want to get fit and stay fit. Accountability, weekly challenges, menu ideas and encouragement just to name a few. It's good for us and good for them.
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  • We also finally switched to a prong collar for our Springer. It really has helped with the sudden jerks.

  • Donna,
    We took Ned and Clancy to Kohler training and they were really great alone and not to bad together as long as we were walking often. We have gotten lazy and so have they. If I have both Ned and Clancy on my left, they continuously switch places (each wanting to be closest to me). I haven't figured out quite how to correct this. We put our third dog on the right. He has always been on the right (from puppyhood!) but he would like to be on the left. He stays on the right but not comfortably.

  • Hi peeps!!! Hope you're all off to a fabulous start this year. We've been getting the pups out everyday for a walk...if you can call it that... it's more like drag me for 2 houses then throw on the breaks and sniff.... then drag for 2 more houses and repeat.  They are not good on a leash. We have tried and tried to train. The only hope might be in walking them separately but that just doesn't work for me.  Anyone else have this problem?

  • I would love to join a group that walks their dogs to lose weight. Do any of you live near philadelphia? marcey


  • Yes, Let's.  I have gained so much weight and my dogs are so lazy and aren't even walking well on-leash because we have not gotten out there.  No weather excuses for me either.

  • Happy New Year!   Let's get this group working again

  • Hi everyone! Most days when I take the dogs on a walk/jog, I always turn on my runkeeper app on my phone to track how far and fast we go. Add me to your street team so we can motivate each other! tttnguyen

  • Nice to hear from you, Bev.  I have gotten into water aerobics but, sadly, dogs are not included. With our beautiful weather, I need to get them out for more walks.

  • Willy and I need this group. We've become couch potatoes, and need a little(read lots) of incentive.
  • I just joined Doodle Kisses, thanks to a woman I met while camping! I am a WW, but have not been on track for a few weeks. Summer...I attend meetings every Saturday...almost without fail. Vacations are difficult and I find tracking is the hardest thing for me. We leave to go home in a couple days and I need to get on track once I get home! Glad I found this group!
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Running with your doodle

Hello all,I'm an avid runner and just got our Goldendoodle boy.  He is 9 weeks old right now, but once he's a year or so I would love to start running with him.  I see people on trails with dogs all the time.  I imagine they have to build up endurance just like we do..I probably run 60-70 miles in a week but would like my dog to join me on my shorter morning runs (3-5 miles).  I do really long 20 milers on the weekends and wouldn't expect a dog to do that..but would a shorter distance be okay?…

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For all the WW in this group...

@ Melissa's (and someone else's) suggestion, I thought I'd start a discussion thread for those of us here who are following WW.  A place to celebrate, share, cry, vent...whatever.  Who can't use the extra accountability, right?  It sounds like several of you jumped back on program this week.  Hope your week is going well.  Mine is going pretty good.  I loosened the reigns this past weekend with July 4th and all, but got back on track yesterday and back on track with the gym, so feeling pretty…

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***************WEEK 13************************

I started this group so that those of us who needed a little accountability could come here and receive the encouragement and the little nudge we need to get our the door (or in if that works) and take care of ourselves. I'm still here if anyone needs help or just someone to talk to.Show up everyday and post something for each of the points numbers below and receive one point. We will have a weekly parade for the winner plus, some surprises along the way....and a give away at the end of the…

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