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I would love to see what your doodle looks like!  My Lolli is twelve weeks old and we would love to see how her older siblings have grown.

Size? Weight?  Shedding?  Coat?


11 weeks yesterday!

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So cute!  I don't have a Parker/Paris puppy.  I do have a Diego and Tootsie puppy.  Chester is 22 weeks old (just turned 5 months).  Diego is a Poodle and Tootsie is a Lab.  

Very handsome!!  I didn't know she bred Labradoodles.  :)  How big is Chester?

I think she's trying to get out of it.  We happened to come across an ad in June and found him.  Chester is huge LOL.  I'm not sure how tall he is, but I can dance with him when he jumps up and I'm 5'6".  He's 53 pounds already.  I think he's easily going to blow past the 65 pound estimate she gave us. 

He has a wavy coat and he does shed somewhat, but not near as much as normal labs. 

WOW!  We hope Lolli is bigger than her estimated 45-55 pounds but only time will tell! 

Chester looks like a sweetheart.

Angie, he is so cute!! Love the expression and the twinkle in his eyes! :-)

I have a Tootsie and Diego choc. labradoodle. He turned 1 yr on April 24. I also have a goldendoodle from Penny and Parker, he is 2-1/2 yrs old.

We have a half sibling of yours! :) Tucker is from Sassy and Parker. Born in April 2012. He's around 45 lbs right now. I'll post a pic later (on my mobile now), but you can see some pics of him on my page. :) lolli's so cute!

We have Fenway- he is a Parker/Lola puppy. Fenway is 9 months old, between 75-80 lbs. He looked very similar to Lolli when he was younger, but his hair is starting to curl as he gets older. Very good temperament, loves to play ball.


Your Lolli is just adorable! Such a sweet little face :-)

Thank you!


I have a Paris/Parker puppy most likely from the same litter!  Our female puppy Pooks has been an absolute joy.  I got on this website because I was curious about how big she'll get.  She's already 29 pounds!

Let me know if you heard from other siblings beyond this post.  Here's a picture of Pooks after she visited the groomer just after Thanksgiving.  


She's so cute!  Our dogs look completely different.  She is 21 weeks tomorrow and has a nekky face and is just starting to get wavy hair on her back.  She is close to 40 pounds, too.  Birthday 7/14?



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