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Dude Ranch Summer Romp

You asked for it, you got it! July 25th from 12:00 to 3:00 Cost will once again be $5 per dog and you are required to sign a waiver for the Dude Ranch when you get there.
The Generals version of Bark in the Park will be going on down in Petersburg after the romp so maybe there can be a whole day of doodle fun. (please read about that event in the Petersburg Generals discussion).  This might be great especially for folks coming from out of town.

I will also bring the grill so if you would like to cook anything feel free to bring something.
Please respond below if you plan to attend so that I can get a head (doodle that is) count. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask them below as well.  Hope to see you all there!

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Hello - Count us in - this will be our first Doodle outing with our Goldendoodle - Riley who will be three years old on July 6th

Glad I found your group - How does this work? WE bring our dog and they romp around in a fenced area while the owners hang about to watch & talk??
There is no fence at the Dude ranch. Well none that actually incloses the area, it's a pretty big facility. There is a shelter and a large pond. Last time we were there no doodle was interested in running off.... I think it was too much fun playing in the water and running around.
Count Mason and Dixie! Thanks for getting this set up. We'll be bringing watermelon slices, chips and dips,and an ice cooler with water and sodas to share. We like sitting down by the pond and slinging fetch toys in the water, so we'll also bring our chairs and camera. See y'all next month!
Morgan & Maddie & I will be there! Can't wait to see everyone!
We're going to try to make it, possibly a little late. Kaiya had such a blast last year in the water.
It's looking like we're not going to be able to make it. We really wish we could be there! Have fun!
OMG, Belinda!!!! I can't believe I'll miss the Dude Ranch AGAIN!!! I've been dying to go everytime, but on 7/25, Hollywood and I have a Therapy dog visit at Sheltering Arms and I'm the Team Leader, so I HAVE to be there. I've been looking forward to that Dude Ranch so much. I'll hope we'll get to go next time! We've missed our doodle friends so much!!!
I'm hoping to get good news from the Dr. regarding taking the "immobolizer" off my broken leg on July 16th - but unfortunately the 25th is just a little too soon to bring Wakefield to an event like this. I'm disappointed because I really want to see how he does in the water and since I've been "immobolized" since May 27th, we haven't had a chance to get him wet yet.
I am going to try and get him to the Generals game though - less walking for me and closer to home. We'll watch for the next GRAD event.
Luca and I have marked it on our calendar...Looking forward to it!
The Milleys (and Zakie) will definitely be there at the Dude Ranch AND at Lewis Ginter.

Thank you for organizing the Dude Ranch, Belinda. Poor Zakie has only been in the water one time........and that was at the Dude Ranch last year. We tried to go a few weeks ago; but they said we couldn't come just as a family.

Where do people take their doodles swimming around here?

Thanks again!

Jimmy, Cary, Jaqueline, and Zakie Milley
I often take Stella and Seattle to Bryan Park.
As I remember last time, we gave money to Belinda and she settled the bill with Dude Ranch.



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