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I am interested in trying mobile grooming for my two Doodles and Aussie Pet Mobile seems to be the only one in the area.  I was just wondering if anybody has tried their services and what your experience was like or if there are any other good mobile groomers in the area.  Thanks!

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I have been using Aussie for about 4 years and I love it! it is highly convenient, much less stress on my dog, and comparable in price to drop-off groomers. Django gets really excited when they pull up out front which is enough of an endorsement for me...!

I use something similar and love it. It is called Serene Mobile Pet. She is awesome. She has helped us out for years. First with our old grumpy dog who got kicked out of a groomers because he was grouchy and the groomer didn't feel comfortable. Now we have two doodles and she continues to groom them. She is wonderful, flexible. does exactly what I ask. She offers suggestions when I need them. She is very loving with my girls and will allow them time to go to the bathroom or whatever before they get in her truck. I highly recommend her. And she is a local business woman!  Mom of Sophie and Stella

We had Michelle from Aussie Pet Mobile out to our house 2X to groom Max, goldendoodle, and Ziva, Labradoodle. We used her mainly to introduce Ziva our rescued Labradoodle, to the grooming process. They are a little pricey, but you are paying for the convenience. We were pleased with the results. Michelle seemed to truly love the dogs and always had extra time for lovies and treats.

I take my goldensoodle to a place called classy canine in mechanicsville . They are AWESOME. My dog loves it there. She goes right back with them and comes out happy as she went in. The groomers are wxcellent! This is the best place I have ever been too. They truly care a about the babies. I highly recommend them. I wont take my doodle anywhere else.



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