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In other words, I am looking for a Golden Doodle or Labradoodle.  We actually already have a wonderful Goldendoodle (Honey) who is a rescue.  We are looking for a puppy now.  It seems to be much harder to find out who is a good breeder and who not so good (Puppy mill?).Since most of these dogs do not have long distinguished pedigrees, it seems that word of mouth or references may be the best way to go.

For instance, I have looked at breeders all over Virginia.  Many do not have any puppies available at the moment, but a few do.  One of those breeders that has "plenty" of puppies is Laurel Ridge.  The puppies are very cute and look great, the breeder is a Vet and she has been doing this for a long time.  OTOH, there are multiple litters available, she has a lot of dogs (~35) and multiple breeds and breeding programs.  Let me be clear that I have not visited the kennel, this information is available on her website or after speaking with her.

So my questions are : Has anyone here used Laurel Ridge? Would you get your puppy there again if you had a choice? Are there any other breeders out there that anyone knows of (and recommends) who have puppies available now or by early Summer?

We'd like to get a puppy before the Summer is over so that we have plenty of time to train the pup while people are home and around.

Please feel free to message me or contact me off line if not appropriate for this forum.

Thanks in advance.

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I know of a wonderful breeder of goldendoodles. I have one of them and will get my second in May. They might have a few available in April. I am thinking we are not supposed to mention breeders here??? If we can let me know and I will tell you the name of my breeder.  I did see you mentioned a breeder but for some reason thought we couldn't??


Bart -- Welcome to DK ... If you look at the tabs across the top and go to the end under the HELP tab you will find several topics that will be very valuable to you.  One is "What to look for in a breeder" ...  Here is the link:

This will give you a wealth of things to consider when looking for your breeder.  It is ok to ask about a particular breeder here in the open discussion section, but anyone wanting to respond about it will need to send you a PM.  We cannot talk openly about any breeder.  So if you get "Friend Requests" please accept them so people can respond directly.  What you need to remember though is just because someone responds and says "I got my puppy at XYZ and it is adorable" does not mean that it did not come from a puppy mill.    Many here got their puppies before finding out about DoodleKisses, or chose not to follow the recommended guidelines on what to look for.   There are others that got their puppy from a what they thought was a great breeder only to find it was actually a puppy mill.  Some websites can be really deceiving.  If you read the above link it should show you what to watch for when you are considering a breeder.  We also have a section on GoldenDoodle or LabraDoodle puppies for sale and those breeders have to answer specific questions when they post their puppies.  I will send you a Friend Request and respond to your question about the above breeder and also give you input on my breeder.

Sorry, forgot my email: nart bathan at gmail dot com

Most people would prefer to communicate through Private Message here through the DK site rather than via their personal e-mails.  I've sent you a friend request.  You should have received an e-mail asking you to accept my request.


Bart I have sent you a friend request also and will let you know of my breeder if you are interested.



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