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Hello all... I am a member of the Armed Services and unfortunately, I have to go away for three months from July to Oct.  I rather not burden any of my friends and my family members are either not dog people or not in a current environment where they can have any.  Knick currently goes to Tolkien Kennels in the West End when I travel away on business, usually once or twice a month.  He does great there, but three months would be way to expensive.

So here's what I was thinking...  Everyone here knows our dogs and that there may possibly be someone who has the capacity to temporairly keep Knick for me during that time.

  • He gets along great with other dogs, however; I must warn you he LOVES to play (if your pooch doesn't then this would not be a great fit).
  • Knick has been neutered.  He is up to date with all of his immunizations.  My Vet at Bon Air Animal Hosiptal can verify that.
  • I would put the Vet on notice to contact me in the event he needed to visit them to settle any charges.  
  • I would of course provide three months worth of food and leave some extra $ just in case. Plus Nylabones and Kongs which he LOVES.
  • If you are interested, you can reach out to me directly at  Please let me know how much you would charge.  I have approximately five or so out of town trips between now and July and we can do a trial run during one to see if there is a fit.

***I only have one special request - Knick has never had any table food and only eats Candae.  Of course I would want him to continue with that and not have any human food or different food that your pup may eat.  ...and I am sure you all feed yours well, maybe even better - I just want to keep his diet consistent.***

Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors.



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Hi - I would love to but my boyfriend would kill me. I'd love to hang out sometime and let our doodles meet one another. As for your out of town trip there is a service I heard about on TV that specifically places pooches with people for those that are serving. Its called Dogs on Deployment. That might be a good place to look if you haven't found something already 



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