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  • We are a guardian family for Lita who is now 9 months old and 22 lbs.  What is the average age for the 1st heat, how long does it last and how often?

    Thank you all.

  • Our Jazz is a guardian female going into her first heat cycle at 8 months old. Truly appreciate all the earlier comments. Very helpful.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad that you had the time you had with Annie, and that she was a wonderful dog for your family. I guess it is a lesson for us all not to be always looking forward to the time when our dog is done with the breeding but just enjoy every day. Annie was lucky to be in a family that loved her so much.
  • It was a very tough summer for our family.  Just about a month after our sweet Annie had done  her time as a breeding dog, and us as a guardian to two litters, she became extremely sick.  She was hospitalized and after tests and treatments they found that there was little they could do to save her.  Her belly was filling with fluid, she was turning orange (bilirubin) and suffering.  We had to put her down here in our home.  She was the absolute best dog on the planet.  We loved her with every fiber of our being and it was honestly the most painful thing I've ever been through to lose her.  We had her just two and a half year, but it was the greatest experience despite the loss.  Being a guardian was not tough, although inconvenient at times, but losing her was heartbreaking.  I know that the breeding was difficult on her body and I don't know how it contributed to her downfall, but it is something to consider.  That being said, I would still recommend guardianship, as getting a great dog, even for a short time is the greatest blessing.  We have a second Australian Labradoodle named Rosie, who we've had for about a year and a half and she is wonderful and was retired when we got her.  Still wondering about whether to add in a second dog, as it does up the craziness.  Sorry to be a "downer" here, but wanted you to know that our guardianship payoff never did come, but the joy of ownership was present everyday that we had our precious Annie.  Just wish she could've enjoyed a life outside of breeding, as we had plans to run free together....

  • Hi all! We are new here but are getting our girl as a guardian in a few weeks. She was born last week. I look forward to this interesting arrangement between the breeder and my family.

  • >>Sandy

    My dog Opal had 3 litters.  Was at the breeders for 5 weeks each one and commuted to work for an extra week for each litter.  Meadow her litter mate was a bit lost for the first week (no personality)... but then REALLY enjoyed the extra Mom and Pop time.  Meadow had one litter and Opal didn't miss her in the least.  I always looked at it as bonus extra one on one time with the non whelping dog.  DON'T worry!  Just enjoy the special time with the dog at home!!

  • Question - if I take in a guardian dog (female), and it leaves for 5 weeks or so with each birth, would is adversely affect my current dog - Toby?  Would he be "depressed" missing her, or would it be okay for him?

  • Check our our newest Guardian Male and his Forever Home - Drop Deed Red Gorgeous!  http://www.doodlekisses.com/photo/albums/killian

  • We will be seeking a Guardian Family in the Portland Metro area for our new female breeding prospect puppy. Please visit our website for more information!


  • What is the average litter count or years that your Guardian contracts are asking for? Is 3-4 litters the average? I'm trying to write my own contract for my Guardian program and I want to be comparable to the other programs out there.
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Is there anybody still active in this group/ need feedback

Hi. We have been offered a proposal to be a guardian family for a female pup from our same breeder. We also have one of their puppies who will be ten weeks old. We originally wanted two pups because I need to return to work in the fall. (We couldn't afford to buy two puppies at the same time but were planning to add a second as soon as financially possible.) I would love to know if anybody is willing to give me your thoughts about the pros and cons of being a guardian.Also, I am sure you may…

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Let me know your thoughts please :)

Has anyone been a guardian family to a female dog who is not spayed? Our breeder is looking for guardian families, we would have the female in our home and then have an agreement that she would have pups. I've been reading a lot about it and am not taking the decision lightly. Wondering what your thoughts are on this subject. We do have a 14 month old male labradoodle and I also want to know if anyone has thoughts on how he will handle everything when she is in heat etc. he was neutered when he…

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Becoming a guardian...

Not a very active group.. hoping people are still around though and have had/are having positive experiences.   Whenever I look up "guardian family" on google, I get stuff about insurance and doodle breeders looking for guardians.  Is this primarily a doodle thing or do other types of dog breeders do this too?  We have been selected to be a guardian home for a gorgeous chocolate goldendoodle, she is coming home the end of the month.  We are so excited for her and for the opportunity as I think…

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Thinking about becoming a Guardian

I'm thinking of becoming a Guardian for a local breeder. I was excited about it but the more I think about it the more nervous I get to actually do it. I know I will be a good Guardian mommy, but the thought of taking care of someone else's dog until she finally becomes mine completely scares me a little. Any one out there have good or bad experiences being a Guardian? I'm just trying to decide if I really want to do this. 

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