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Not a very active group.. hoping people are still around though and have had/are having positive experiences.   Whenever I look up "guardian family" on google, I get stuff about insurance and doodle breeders looking for guardians.  Is this primarily a doodle thing or do other types of dog breeders do this too?  We have been selected to be a guardian home for a gorgeous chocolate goldendoodle, she is coming home the end of the month.  We are so excited for her and for the opportunity as I think it will be so fun and interesting!  Anyone have any tips to share? I've never had a in-tact pet in my home ever... I had a cat that went into heat the day before her spay surgery and it was quite awful as she was part siamese part bengal - the yowling -oh my. lol

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  • It is something that mostly doodle breeders do, it seems.  Purebreed breeders sometimes have 'co-ownership' contracts or agreements that they can use a certain stud for breeding, but I don't think anyone has the same "guadian home" concept that doodle breeders do.  I could be wrong, though.  It's probably not 100% black and white, but it is common with doodle breeders.

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