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Has anyone been a guardian family to a female dog who is not spayed? Our breeder is looking for guardian families, we would have the female in our home and then have an agreement that she would have pups. I've been reading a lot about it and am not taking the decision lightly. Wondering what your thoughts are on this subject. We do have a 14 month old male labradoodle and I also want to know if anyone has thoughts on how he will handle everything when she is in heat etc. he was neutered when he was young. Thank you so much :)Read more here: http://www.doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/thoughts-on-being-a-guardian-home-to-a-female-who-is-not-spayed?commentId=2065244%3AComment%3A4716089&xg_source=msg_com_forum#ixzz3wDj8IAtU

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