Thinking about becoming a Guardian

I'm thinking of becoming a Guardian for a local breeder. I was excited about it but the more I think about it the more nervous I get to actually do it. I know I will be a good Guardian mommy, but the thought of taking care of someone else's dog until she finally becomes mine completely scares me a little. Any one out there have good or bad experiences being a Guardian? I'm just trying to decide if I really want to do this. 

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  • I have had a good experience being a guardian for our dog Annie.  She just delivered the 2nd litter that we have assisted with and all has gone well.  She is done and will be spayed this summer!  :)  I was scared to death for the first 6 months maybe and was incredibly cautious, but after I got to know her I knew that she wasn't going to run off on me.  The heat cycle can be inconvenient if you like to travel, as it's hard to do that when your dog is in heat.  We found that our dog could wear a pull up and there was no issue with blood what so ever.  We used a temporary fence to enclose an area in our yard and never saw a dog come around once.  This last time she was in heat we had travel plans at the very end of a long heat cycle and a friend from church was still willing to take her and keep her protected for us, but it was stressful up unitl the last few days wondering what we would do.  She is such an incredible dog and it's been worth every second of stress though.  Now, we get to have her for ourselves with no more thought of breeding, so that is a wonderful feeling!  She was four when we got her and that was great as well because we skipped the puppy stage.  Down side is that she's now 6, but still lots of great years left. 

    • Thank you so much for your reply. I am excited but a nervous wreck worrying about all the things that could go wrong. I know I will be extremely cautious but you just never know. I don't want to feel nervous for ever and want to enjoy the experience. Glad to know you went through it and it turned out OK. Again, thank you 

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