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Over the years that this group has been in existence it has assisted many doodles and their humans.  It has offered advice, a place to vent, etc.  This group MUST be a place where people can turn and be confident that the advice they will get is based upon FACT - medically and scientifically accepted FACT- not "I heard", anecdotes, advertising claims, or other unfounded or misleading advice. The moderators of this Group will delete any post that we feel does not meet this criteria. 


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  • Hi I’m new to this sight. My Golden doodle of 5 years experienced a seizure on September 3rd. Followed by very low platelets. Is there anyone out there that has experience this with their doodle.
    • Yes, we have a group for owners with doodles with seizure disorders. Here's the link:
      Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy
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  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Just know your not alone. Lost for words sending lots of love.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure we all feel some of your pain as we know the love we feel for our doodles. May your happier memories bring you comfort soon.
  • Our beautiful, Australian labradoodle, Scrabble, first fought oral melanoma. He was doing well well with the melanoma vaccine. He was only eight years old. He had a mass on his spleen two weeks ago and sadly we had to put him down. Our hearts are broken.
    • This is just heartbreaking. I am so sorry
    • I'm so sorry :(
    • Thank you so much.
    • I’m so sorry. I remember Scrabble. I’ve always loved his name.
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Hypothyroidism and stool issues

Hello All,Addie is my almost 9 yr old double doodle. who weighs approximately 40 lbs, with which the vet is happy. In March of 2022, she was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease and placed on Thyroxine. Another thing that started a few months prior to her diagnosis was issues with her anal glands that started to need to be expressed by the vet tech about every 6 weeks- 2 months. She also has had several bouts of hot spots and ear infections since her diagnosis of hypothyroidism which caused her…

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High urine ph

Hi! My 10 year old girl, Sophie, was just found to have a high urine ph at her 10-year check-up. She seems perfectly fine and he wants to recheck for accuracy in two weeks. Just in case, I've started taking her out more often and adding bowls of water in different rooms of the house so she always has easy access. I read that Vit C can help with high urine PH and I believe I've read on a post here that some supplement C for overall health. Just curious about anyone's thoughts about supplementing…

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8 Replies · Reply by Nic Olinger Nov 7

Latural Suture

Hi Everyone,  Barkley recently had Latural Suture surgery for a torn canine cruciate in his hind leg.  He is about 3 week out and done with meds, however, I am conisdering keeping him on a low dose of Trazadone for another week or so.  He is a very high energy fellow and this mdication keeps him relatively calm.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  I hate to medicate him if not necessary but he must rest and lay low for 8 weeks and that is difficult for Barkley to do.I am also reading some…

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Ketoconazole Liver Injury Diagnosis

Hi All!Cooper and I have been doing well and he has been seeing his Derm Vet. We have been managing all of his symptoms through our Florida Oak Pollen season and have done well. He went to his primary vet for his yearly plus I wanted his kennel cough updated because he was going to be at his day care. We discovered that his ALT was elevated as well as his ASP. Primary got with (New) specialist who discontinued the Ketoconazole that he has been on for most of a year. Sometimes daily, sometimes 3…

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3 Replies · Reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Jun 4