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Over the years that this group has been in existence it has assisted many doodles and their humans.  It has offered advice, a place to vent, etc.  This group MUST be a place where people can turn and be confident that the advice they will get is based upon FACT - medically and scientifically accepted FACT- not "I heard", anecdotes, advertising claims, or other unfounded or misleading advice. The moderators of this Group will delete any post that we feel does not meet this criteria. 


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  • Hi I’m new to this sight. My Golden doodle of 5 years experienced a seizure on September 3rd. Followed by very low platelets. Is there anyone out there that has experience this with their doodle.
    • Yes, we have a group for owners with doodles with seizure disorders. Here's the link:
      Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy
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  • I’m so sorry for your loss. Just know your not alone. Lost for words sending lots of love.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I’m sure we all feel some of your pain as we know the love we feel for our doodles. May your happier memories bring you comfort soon.
  • Our beautiful, Australian labradoodle, Scrabble, first fought oral melanoma. He was doing well well with the melanoma vaccine. He was only eight years old. He had a mass on his spleen two weeks ago and sadly we had to put him down. Our hearts are broken.
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Kennel cough

Riley has kennel cough, picked up at the dog park :(  The vet's office said to just wait it out unless things get really bad, she isn't coughing much but is snotting everywhere and I think she has a mild fever.  She is vaccinated against it but apparently that just reduces the symptoms (which may explain why she isn't really coughing). Any tips for how to make her more comfortable?  I am hoping she will be over the worst of it in a few days but right now she seems pretty miserable (and bored…

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9 Replies · Reply by J, Riley and Toby Aug 12

Ear Infection/Chicken

Good morning, Barkley has another ear infection this year.  The other was in March.  I am being told that chicken could be the culprit?  He is on a limited ingredient diet with no chicken ingredients however he eats Mother Hubbard treats every day and they do have chicken in the base.   Does anyone have any recommendations for a treat that would not be a culprit for an ear infection?  I also occasionally give him plain yogurt as a treat but would the yeast in yogurt be potentially bad for ears…

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2 Replies · Reply by Carolyn & Barkley the Bear Aug 9

Cooper’s Allergy Results are in

The one thing that is the strongest allergen is Malasseiza or yeast. Additionally he had some strong reactions to molds and fungus with milder reactions to a variety of trees, grasses, and dust mites.  The doctor made the comment that because he produces yeast technically he is allergic to himself.  Out of 50 items tested and rated 0-4  there were only three 0's and only one straight up 4, the yeast. Wool was high also. I don't have any wool in the house. Lots in the 2 and 3 range. We have our…

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5 Replies · Reply by c zoomer Jul 9

Conjunctivitis? Allergies?

Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. To preface, when I brought Mac home almost two months ago at 8 weeks, I noticed some light allergy symptoms like sneezing and the occasional drippy nose. He also had the normal brown eye crusties in the morning. All things that are pretty standard for a dog. This month when things started blooming, I noticed Mac's sneezing increased quite a bit. I mentioned it to the vet during one of our vaccination appointments and she said to…

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1 Reply · Reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle May 11