And it begins again

After a nice long recovery from, vomiting, bloody diarrhea and transitioning to Wellness Simple Salmon & Potato Cooper is again vomiting bile in the mornings. Yesterday morning I was able to give him some sweet potato cubes to get something in his stomach and he ate his kibble not long after that.  This morning he even turned his nose up at that. Clearly his tummy is upset. I am here because this is the point where I start looking for ways to tempt him to eat. He is taking his probiotic, he swallows the capsules nicely. If I waited until I sprinkled it he wouldn't get it consistently. He is enthusiastic about his new kibble. I haven't started him back on his Claritin yet. BM is good. 
He is often off food in the mornings, much more off than on. I asked previously about Pepcid or Prilosec. Would something like that prevent this morning nausea?

Oh, and as an update his anal glands were full. Tech visit and they were expressed. 

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  • For dogs who bring up bile first thing in the a.m., many people find that giving the dog a small snack in the evening, about 30-60 minutes before bed, often helps. This can be some yogurt, a very small portion of his food, or with dogs who are not on restricted diets like Cooper is, a dog biscuit or other treat. Maybe some of those cubed sweet potatoes if he likes that.

    I cannot emphasize enough that it is always a mistake to try "to tempt a dog to eat." One rule I learned the hard way is: "When a dog tells you he doesn't want to eat, believe him." 
    He's not a growing puppy, missing a meal or even a full day of meals is not going to hurt him. I promise you he will not starve himself. :)

  • Riley was vomiting in the morning pretty consistently and our solution was to give her a portion of her kibble just before her last potty break before bed.  That seems to work well.  It was just too long for her to go 14+ hours between supper and breakfast I suppose.  I think her allergies cause her some tummy upset as well so it helps settle her stomach.

    She was also refusing kibble in the morning, probably because she wasn't feeling great so we had resorted to toppers.  Since instituting the evening mini-meal she hasn't needed any enticement to eat.  

    It's worth a try anyway since you aren't changing his diet at all just reserving a bit of his meal for later.


    • Makes sense to try that first. I will have to put a notification on my phone! 😜 Thanks. 

  • I was reading around here after posting and I tried to tempt him with some chicken and he did take it it. And I hear him crunching his kibble right now. He didn't eat much but he did eat the sweet potato, chicken and a few bites of kibble. 
    That's today. He has refused chicken, cheese, canned, toppers, everything before....I would like to prevent that. 

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