Conjunctivitis? Allergies?

Hi everyone. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. To preface, when I brought Mac home almost two months ago at 8 weeks, I noticed some light allergy symptoms like sneezing and the occasional drippy nose. He also had the normal brown eye crusties in the morning. All things that are pretty standard for a dog. This month when things started blooming, I noticed Mac's sneezing increased quite a bit. I mentioned it to the vet during one of our vaccination appointments and she said to monitor it and if it continues, we can start giving him an antihystamine and see if that helps.

This past weekend, I noticed some off-colored discharge one morning in Mac's right eye. It wasn't his normal brown eye crusty. His eye looked a little glassier than normal. The next morning, his eye was crusted shut, super blood shot, and swollen. The discharge was more yellow/green-ish and he couldn't keep his eye open. So I took him back to the vet and she prescribed a steroid eye ointment and is treating it for conjunctivis. She did a test for ulcers / scratches and nothing. Today, it seems to have spread to the other eye. I feel so bad as he keeps pawing at it, whining, and rubbing up against me. (Interestingly, the sneezing has completely stopped this week.)

Wondering if anyone has dealt with eye infenctions in their pup before? Also wondering if this is linked or being caused by seasonal allergies? I'm going to follow the vet's instruction but can't help but wonder if this is going to be a reoccuring thing. 

Any advice is appreciated :)

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  • What you're describing definitely sounds like conjunctivitis to me. It's pretty common in dogs, and nothing to be concerned about, it usually clears up pretty quickly. It is not related to allergies. 
    Mac is really too young to have developed any kind of allergies, and in dogs, symptoms like sneezing and a drippy nose are not symptoms of seasonal allergies like they are in people. In dogs, the first and main symptom is intense itching and paw licking. Things like spring pollens can irritate the mucus membranes, but it's not an allergy and really doesn't need treatment. Some puppies/dog just always seem to have some nasal congestion. My Miniature Poodle does, and he's three years old. He has no allergies to anything, but his nose drips sometimes, and he's sneezey. I think it's a Poodle thing.

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