Cooper’s Allergy Results are in

The one thing that is the strongest allergen is Malasseiza or yeast. Additionally he had some strong reactions to molds and fungus with milder reactions to a variety of trees, grasses, and dust mites.  The doctor made the comment that because he produces yeast technically he is allergic to himself.  Out of 50 items tested and rated 0-4  there were only three 0's and only one straight up 4, the yeast. Wool was high also. I don't have any wool in the house. Lots in the 2 and 3 range. 
We have our syringes and vials and he has had two injections already. The first couple days after the testing he was almost frantically itchy finding spots to hide and work on his feet. But Zyrtec, anti-itch spray and a medicated bath and he is all better. 
  And for reference, the consult and the day of testing came in around $1500.00 and that includes his syringes and the vials lasting 6 months.    

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  • And what is the dosage of Zyrtec he is taking? Did it change from what he was taking?

    • She told me he could likely take Zyrtec for the foreseeable future. At 60 pounds he can take up to 5.5 10mg tablets twice a day. To get him past this testing reaction and the allergy shots I am giving him 30mg twice a day. Plus Chlohexidine foot wipes whenever we have been out and an anti-itch spray as needed. If his symptoms are fine I will reduce it and see. I don't want to top out on the Zyrtec unless we really need to. 
      Now because of his weird eating habits I have switched his bedtime snack to a morning snack so he can take the Zyrtec not on an empty stomach. 
      And speaking of his weird eating habits...if it is mid morning and he hasn't eaten I can grab some high value treats, do a quick training session and will go to his bowl and eat a healthy amount. Like priming the pump...😂🙄

  • I'm glad you're done with the testing and can now begin treatment. 
    The cost is not quite double what I paid in 2008. It was $800 then. 
    Wool allergies are thought to be allergies to wool alcohol, specifically a certain form of lanolin. There's a lot of disagreement about this even among researchers. But the offending substance is found in all kinds of health & beauty products, including cosmetics, lotions, ointments of every kind, shaving cream, nail polish removers, hair removers, etc. One reason you never want to use leave-in conditioners on any dog who has allergies. (It also attracts and traps pollens.)
    The mold allergies are sometimes the hardest ones to treat. The mite allergies usually respond the best, and the pollens are in the middle. As time goes by, you may need adjustments made to his antigens; we had to do that once. 
    For now, feel good about doing your absolute best for Cooper. I hope he responds well to his treatment. 

    • Do you have any thoughts on the yeast? It seems to be a big topic here. She has gave me Miconizole topical to put in his ears for 4 weeks in addition to regular cleanings. That was following the consult. His big reaction to that typical?

      • The reaction to the testing is normal. They've been exposed to a bunch of things that trigger an allergic reaction. Jack was terrible after his testing, I actually took him to the ER! But it went away quickly.
        Yeasts are tough, and I have no experience with them. But your specialist does, fortunately, and will hopefully be able to successfully treat it.

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