Infiltrative Lipoma tumor

My GoldenDoodle, Maggie (the blonde) was diagnosed with an Infiltrative lipoma tumor (non cancerous).  It started as a lump that continued to grow in her hip area between the rear leg and rib cage.  It has been removed twice (11/2014 and 4/2015) and is back again with rapid regrowth.  This is the quote from Pathology @ American College of Veterinary Pathologist; 

"Infiltrative lipomas are uncommon tumors of dogs. They are usually large, poorly delineated, deep subcutaneous masses composed well differentiated adipocytes that infiltrate subcutaneous muscle and fascia, and even bone.They cannot be differentiated from non - infiltrative lipomas with small biopsy samples. They may cause pain or interfere with limb function and they may invade through the body wall. Complete excision may be difficult as these 
tumors are usually quite infiltrative and the tumor margins may be indistinct. Local recurrence following incomplete excision is common but may require a period of time to be appreciated."

The lump doesn't seem to be bother her with pain or walking.  The surgeries required the Vet to cut through her leg muscle both times to get to the mass and the Vet could not remove the entire mass because it was in "pieces" not 1 lump mass.  Anyone out there experience this in their GoldenDoodle?  I'm just not ready to put her through that surgery again, or pay the $700+ bill.  Thank you, Karen

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  • Best thoughts moving forward.

  • I tried to look up some research on this issue but I only found one article. It seems to me, and I was a pathologist, that the most important thing is what structures may be invaded by this tumor. People have apparently used chemo and radiation therapy to try to eradicate this tumor. If I were you I would contact the nearest veterinary school and try to get in touch with someone with some expertise in this type of tumor and it's treatment.
    • Thank you. I will definitely keep researching because my Vet says that he will never be able to get it all out and it will continue to grow back.
    • Such good advice. 

    • Thank you, F. You are so great about teaching DKers what to do when we are lost and struggling. 

  • I'm sorry you haven't gotten any responses. I hope someone whose doodle has had this kind of lipoma will chime in
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