Kennel cough

Riley has kennel cough, picked up at the dog park :(  The vet's office said to just wait it out unless things get really bad, she isn't coughing much but is snotting everywhere and I think she has a mild fever.  She is vaccinated against it but apparently that just reduces the symptoms (which may explain why she isn't really coughing). 

Any tips for how to make her more comfortable?  I am hoping she will be over the worst of it in a few days but right now she seems pretty miserable (and bored since we aren't taking her out), much like we are whenever we have a bad cold!  

I was thinking of giving her some benadryl just to dry her out a bit before bedtime so she can have a more restful night's sleep. 



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  • I called the vet today, they said as long as symptoms aren't really worsening it's best just to let it run its course and not give anything over the counter.

    Riley is snotting all over the house (it's SO gross lol), hopefully it won't last much longer.  We are keeping her to the areas of the house with tiles/wood for easier cleanup :p

  • All my dogs have had kennel cough with different degrees of severity. The last time they had it - one by one - we saw our old vet who gave us something- so I think it must have been old school. They say treat  the symptoms so I'd ask the vet what otc to give her for fever/aches and for nasal discharge. Why should they suffer if you can give them something mild?

    • I think it's mostly the nasal discharge that's bugging her, she really isn't coughing much (except a little which I suspect is due to postnasal drip).  I'll maybe call the vet this afternoon and ask if there is something OTC we can give her to help her with the sniffles to get some more sleep tonight if it's recommended.

  • My grand dog developed kennel cough and after 2 days of being restless and miserable, I insisted on a cough suppressent and antibiotic.  It was horrible watching him cough and regurgitate.  He responded very quickly to the meds and was much better.  Hoping the best for Riley.


    • The vet said if she is coughing so hard that she vomits to call them and they would prescribe something.

  • I'm sorry to hear that Riley isn't feeling well. Unfortunately, the bordetella vaccine doesn't prevent a dog from getting it, but it does supposedly lessen the severity if your dog does get it. I believe there are different strains. 

    I would ask the vet before giving benadryl. Bordetella is a bronchial infection, as well as respiratory, and it may not be a good idea to "dry her out". Just like for certain kinds of human coughs/colds, sometimes you need a suppressant and sometimes you need an expectorant. Which is why I never buy OTC cold remedies, lol. I never know which ones would help or hurt in which types of illness. 

    • Yeah I would definitely call the vet first.  She's really not *that* bad so I'll just let her ride it out for now.  It's just hard seeing her miserable, I know the feeling of having a bad cold!

      • No help here. Just wanted to say that I hope Riley gets better quickly. 

        • Thanks!  I think the gunk might be working its way out she seemed a bit better yesterday afternoon.  Fingers and paws crossed she is over the worst of it.

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