Lymphoma Diagnosis

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on the site as things have been going well with Teddy for the most part and, for some reason, I stopped getting email notifications from any ongoing discussions between members (???). Anyway, we've had a rough week. After multiple doctor's appointments trying to get to the bottom of Teddy's coughing, heavy breathing, and weird lumps that we thought at first were benign lipomas, Teddy visited a specialist and we received a lymphoma diagnosis this week. Of course, we are absolutely devastated as he is just under 7 years old, the love of our lives, and we thought we'd have him for much longer. The oncologist has recommended chemo (Wisconsin protocol) but we are really struggling with next steps. He is currently on prednisone while we decide what to do and was given elspar at the specialist visit on Monday. He doesn't do well on the pred (GI issues and lethargic) so after 3 days of full dosing I am going to half dose to taper him off it. I hate the idea of putting more chemicals into his body and really want him to have quality of life. We've been thinking about just going the holistic/natural route instead of chemo. Has anyone been through this and have advice/insight for us? Thank you so much.

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  • Hi Jarka! Thank you so much for this and for reaching out. We did tell the doc initially that we didn't want to do anymore chemo so that's how he ended up on the prednisone. We ended up not going on the trip - just didn't think Teddy would be up for it. We halved the pred dose as he wasn't doing well on it at all. We are going back to the vet today for his 'quality of life' recheck. We are so torn about keeping him on the pred. He still loves car rides, the pool, and visitors, but other than that he is an eating machine, is really restless, and just isn't himself. Thinking it may be better to have the Teddy we know and love for less time than keep him on the pred. We also brough home a new puppy 2 weeks ago. Of course, Oliver loves Teddy but Teddy really wants nothing to do with him. We are trying to maintain treating Teddy like the king of the house but you know how it is with puppies - they take a lot of time/focus. It's been rough! How are you and Monty doing?

  • How did the trip go, Nicole? How is Teddy?

    I just wanted to share this with you: FDA fully approved a drug to treat Lymphoma in dogs. Here is a link to the video:



  • Really appreciate the insight and prayers, Jarka - there's something very comforting about being able to talk to someone who's been through the same thing. I'll definitely keep you posted. It is SO hard to see them slow down and be unwell. No matter how long we have with them, it's just never enough. They bring so much joy though, that's for sure. Best of luck with Monty's ortho appt - hopefully it's nothing too serious. 

  • Oh Nicole, that is so heartbreaking!!! I'm so sorry it came back so fast for Teddy. Hope he adjusts to the prednisone. I know you had the trip planned. That's hard. He might still enjoy going with you and just resting near you. 

    Monty is doing okay, I notice some weakness in his back legs. Not sure what's causing it, other than age. I just set up an appointment for him with an ortho vet. It's just so hard to see our babies slow down and get weaker. At least Monty has the age for that. Not Teddy. 

    Please, keep me posted. Sending strength and hugs!


  • Hi Jarka - I'm hoping you get this as I'm not sure why notifications aren't working. How is Monty? On Tuesday, we noticed some lumps under Teddy's chin and the doc confirmed yesterday that he is out of remission. We are, of course, devastated and so bummed that it's only been 6 weeks since chemo ended. He's on prednisone and she's given him a few months. Today is the 2nd day and he's very quiet. He's done pretty well on the pred in the past so I'm hoping his system adjusts. We've had a big road trip planned up north since the beginning of the year next week that we are now torn on whether to take. He loves the car, adventures, and meeting people, but just not sure he'd be up to it. We're also supposed to potentially bring home a new puppy beginning of September. This is so tough :(

  • Hi Nicole, just checking in on Teddy. Monty had his re-check yesterday and is still in remission. It's been a year since he finished the chemo regiment. Hope Teddy is feeling well.

    • I just saw you responded back in June when I asked about Monty - I don't know why I didn't get the notification. Doodle Kisses seems to do weird things since they switched platforms - I don't get near the notifications I used to. Anyway, I really am so excited for you guys that it's been a year since you finished chemo. Teddy went into remission pretty much right after we started the protocol so I'm hopeful he'll last that long too! I love what you said about it being 'magic time' - it definitely is. It's always in the back of my mind - trying to sear those good times when he's playing in the hose, being a cuddle-bug, etc, into my mind. A bit bittersweet but so happy we still have him. I will definitely look into the K9 immune support too - question, would it make sense to do the turkey tail mushroom supplement (i just bought it) along with the K9 immune support, or wait until i'm done with the turkey tail?)! Please keep me posted and I'll do the same!

      • Yeah, I was not getting the notifications either.

        I think you can do them both, either way. I think the K9 immune support has some of it in there as well. 

        Took Monty swimming yesterday at a place where his younger brother goes for daycare. I only found them last fall and I was not sure Monty would be still around to enjoy their pool when it opens for the new season. He had a blast. It's just so great to see them having fun and it totally makes me forget there is anything wrong.9307946866?profile=RESIZE_930x


        • That is so precious! He's having a ball! What a daycare! Teddy loves the water too. We are bringing him on a road trip up to Cape Cod later in August - I really hope he does well. When did you add doodle #2? We are getting a puppy in the fall and while Teddy does really well with other dogs, I'm afraid he has a bit of the 'only child' syndrome. Any advice? 

    • Hi! I had posted a few weeks ago to ask how Monty was doing but not sure you saw it. Sooo glad to hear he is doing well - such fantastic news! I bet you are so happy. Teddy finished chemo (and graduated - they made such an ordeal - it was really cute) 2 weeks ago today. For the most part he did really well, however, with the last 2 treatments struggled - ended up with a dilated upper small intestine and spent the other night in the hospital because he wasn't eating/drinking. He is home now and is on the mend. We'll go for his 1st month check up beginning of August. The doctor also told us about turkey tail mushroom and how it's been shown to have some positive effects on cancer patients. We're giving that to him as well as CBD oil. Praying he's in the 25% who last longer than 1 year. We have a big vacation planned end of August that I'm hoping he's at his best for. How has your year of remission been? Thanks for reaching out! :)

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