Possible Anal Gland Issue

Cooper is paying a lot of attention to his bottom lately, licking and nibbling. It happens after grooming sometimes when they do a sanitary but this time it has not stopped. He just ended a couple of bad boughts of diarrhea. I notice him dropping his bottom or flipping around to "look" after his BM very recently and an increase in the licking behavior. 
I plan to call the vet Monday. He has been seen a couple times close together due to the diarrhea and plan to ask if they had checked or even expressed his glands. And also plan to call the groomer to see if that is something they do. This is something new to me never having dealt with it before. 
His BM is formed but soft, he is eating Wellness Simple Salmon and Potato with added a little sweet potato cubes and occasional pyslium husk, and Proviable daily. His gut health is shakey at the moment. 
So...my question is this. If I end up taking him to the vet what am I supposed to ask for? I can't go in and it seems like I just take the vet at her word, come here after and find out I should have known more..🤣. So I thought I might try to know more first 😊.

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  • Thanks Karen,  I will call the vet tomorrow to have his anal glands checked and work toward a firm stool. Is psyllium AND sweet potato overkill? He enjoys the sweet potato. And he is liking his new food. For now 🙄
    And J...he does chew his paws. I am certain he has environmental allergies. 

  • Riley was doing the weird nibbling and "looking at her bum like it has betrayed her" thing and sitting down abruptly a lot.  We took her to the vet and although her anal glands were a bit full they weren't impacted so the vet suggested it might be allergies (she licks her paws as well).

    In Cooper's case I'm guessing it was the loose stools causing his anal glands to be over-full and not allergies but just something to be aware of if he presents other symptoms.

    Luna occasionally had full anal glands due to loose stools and they cleared themselves on their own once her poops firmed up.

  • A dog's anal glands normally express themselves every time the dog poops, IF the poop is formed and solid. When a dog has chronic loose stool/diarrhea, there is not anough pressure put on the glands for them to express naturally, and they may have to be manually expressed. This MUST be done internally, which means you typically need to have it done by a vet. Most groomers do it externally, which can just make matters worse and cause the glands to become impacted. 
    So, tell your vet that you think Cooper's anal glands may be impacted. They will check and empty the glands if needed. There is no medication or other treatment that goes along with this, and I would make it clear that you do not want or need any. Nor do you want or need any Rx food. The new diet, probiotics, and additional fiber should take care of things going forward. 

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