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I wanted to check and see if anyone else's doodle has had an adverse reaction to their vaccinations. Gibbs was 2 in September and just had his regular annual vaccinations last week. Gibbs had an afternoon appointment and around 6:30 he was panting, running through the house rubbing his head on the floor, couches, beds, etc., also his eye lids upper and lower were red and slightly swollen, one episode of vomiting. We scooped him up and off to the emergency hospital we went. The belief is that he had an adverse reaction to the vaccines. They gave Gibbs a shot for vomiting, steroids and Benadryl. The Benadryl certainly took the edge off in about 5 minutes he had stopped panting and just laid down and was much calmer. Our vet called the next morning as the emergency clinic faxed to them what happened and the vet is now going to have Gibbs come in early, have a dose of Benadryl and divide the vaccinations into two doses throughout the day. Has anyone else experienced vaccination reactions? How do you handle vaccinations after a bad reaction?Thank you,Debbie & Gibbs

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  • When Dinah was getting her initial shots I noticed poor response to ball throwing.  Sure enough, eyesight issues were mentioned as a side effect of one of the early vaccines.  Her sight improved after a while.  Just thought I'd let others know, especially new puppy parents.

  • Hope that you are feeling better, so sorry about your fall. Take care! Hope your itches go away!
  • Didn't know you had surgery, I hope you recover quickly.

    My vet never told me about the three year vaccines; Jack's dermatologist told me about them, and she also told me advised me to insist upon them. 

    Some vets don't volunteer the information because they are afraid that you won't come in for a check-up every year if you don't have to get shots. But all responsible dog owners would of course take their dogs in for an annual exam, just like we take our kids. 

    I really feel that no dog should be getting vaccinated every year, but especially those who are sensitive to the vaccines shouldn;t be. 

    • My vet never told me about 3 year vaccines (except Rabies) BUT he told me the dogs didn't need to get the others for 3 years.

    • Thanks surgery was Wednesday; ligament reconstruction and tendon repair from the fall last January 2015. I got through the first three days but now the itching is driving me nuts! I know how the poor dogs feel lol. I tried benadryl myself but was so out of it. Not even five days and I've got cabin fever! End of the month the stitches come out but no weight for 4-6 weeks. Once I'm no longer groggy I'll do a little more research.
  • My Josie had a reaction at one of her annual vaccine appts. Her face blew up, eyes red and she was rubbing against everything, her face was so swollen she looked like a beagle! It was kind of a dumb luck scenario that work in her/our favor in the long run. I accidentally locked the keys in the car so we had to sit and wait for the tow truck driver at which point I was able to watch her rubbing her face and fussing about. We called the vet immediately and they stayed put until we could arrive. The benadryl shot worked almost immediately. The next year we just didn't give her the bortadella (sp?) Vaccine. The following year they had us come in first thing and they gave her a shot if benadryl (or something like it) then waited and gave her all her vaccines. We stayed locally to make sure there was no other reaction, which thankfully their wasn't. This year same thing, they gave her the booster of benadryl then her vaccines and absolutely no issues. I'm just glad we locked the keys in our car otherwise I may not have noticed soon enough.
  • We do titers instead of any annual vaccines. We are required by law to do the rabies vaccine but that's about it.
  • I think you may need a new vet, because his/her "plan" for next time is not the best way to handle this. Many of us do blood titers instead of vaccinating. Others get the three year versions of the core vaccines, and stagger them at different times of year and even different years. You really don't want to do vaccines every year for any dog.  And when you have a dog who is sensitive to vaccines, you never want to do a vaccine cocktail, where there are several vaccines given in one shot. You do the three year version of the distemper and parvo, with nothing else that day. You do a three year version of rabies a different day. You do the nasal version of bordatella, and flu vaccine can be given at the same time, intranasally. If you choose to do Lyme and/or lepto vaccines, you do that separately from the others. And the only one of these that must be given by a vet is the rabies vaccination, the rest can be done by a tech, so you should not have to pay for a vet visit/exam each time. 

    • Hi Karen, we had a vet appointment today for another one of our doggies. The vet was very concerned about Gibbs having a reaction to his vaccinations. I really appreciated his concern and we talked about vaccines for about 30 minutes. Truthfully, I just assumed we were vaccinating for everything every year and we are not. Our vet is using the 3 year vaccine rotation. The only thing you can't do every 3 years is rabies, it is the law in Smith County that all animals are vaccinated for rabies every year. I know when I lived in the Dallas area that you could vaccinate rabies every 3 years, but not here. He no longer vaccinates for Lepto and hasn't he said for over 6 years. It is optional, if we want it, but he said Lepto has caused many bad vaccine reactions. The bordatella he uses is the yearly oral bordatella. So I feel much better about all of the vaccinations. As always, appreciate all of the information shared on DK.
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