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It is tick season here in NJ and I have always given Olive Sentinel (every 39 days) and Frontline Plus every 27 days. What’s the deal with Frontline Plus vs Frontline Gold - I see one new med added to the Gold, but figured I’d ask the experts. I’ve stuck with Frontline as it has been the forerunner in this and is tried and true, and I’m a bit leery of those oral tabs. But should I switch her to Frontline Gold? Thanks!

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I just wanted to throw this out there since we're talking about flea and tick meds. The FDA added Revolution Plus (topical) to their discussion re: the safety of the isoxazoline class of drug, if you're concerned about it. 

I saw that. It only applies to the Plus, not the original Revolution. Because of the addition of the isoxazoline.

From what I can tell, Revolution Plus is only for cats, anyway. :)

I didn't look at it that closely, but it looks like that is the case. Interesting though, that they are considering it safe for cats. It always seems like so many chemicals kill cats.

Just looked up the difference today. Gold kills faster.  That could be a good thing. 

Last year we were overwhelmed with tick nymphs. (Northern Virginia)  It started when we walked near the wooded areas of my condominium, and shortly thereafter they were right up to the house. They prefer moist shade, but my neighbor with east-west exposure had them on the exterior west brick wall, which is not uncommon, I hear.

It's now May 17, and I am not seeing ticks on my dog and happy that the beneficial nematodes and the bacteria they contain that kill ticks have knocked down the numbers.  There will still be critters with ticks coming into the yard and dropping off after a feed, but the nematodes must have helped. Robins are major tick carriers--who knew! (I forget which tick variety)  I have a question posed to my local Extention office about carry-over, but already know the nematodes don't survive the winter...but what about the bacteria they hosted that do the actual killing of ticks? I might wait till Fall to spray again if the knock down holds.

To use the nematodes, you can use a hose sprayer.  Arbico sells the beneficial nematodes.  There is a huge price break if you get others to share with you, but it is difficult to divvy it up.  If you have deer, and a wooded lot, it may be an important tool.



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