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I have a 2 year old mini teddybear golden doodle named lily. She is usually very energetic and always happy. But recently she has been extremely lathargic. She will run to her bowl of water to drink as if she has not drank for years and then throw up after. Sometimes she will just make a burp like sound and throw up. Her nose is dry and has crusties on it. Shes not the happy go lucky dog i know and im realy worried. She was diagnosed with lacating patella in her back legs.she has elbow dysplasia and she is going to be 3 years old soon.

The vet hasnt given us much except tell us she is sick. But this is not right! If anyone knows anything about the symptoms i have listed people let me know anything you know at all it would be extremely appreciated.

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Knee surgery.

Try going outside the city to a small town vet.  We live in Ottawa and the city vets are about double the cost of one even 20 minutes outside the city.  

For something as expensive as surgery it's definitely worth the drive - we found a vet hospital in a nearby township (so they are fully equipped) as our regular vet.  For example we priced out spaying surgery... $750 at the vet close to us (in the suburbs), $450 for a vet just 20 minutes away in a smaller town.

I'd just call around to a few different vets and ask prices they will typically give you an estimate if you know exactly what's required.  Just make sure they are well-equipped and have someone who has done similar surgeries in the past.

The veterinary schools often do surgical procedures at lower cost than private vets, and they are up to date on the newest procedures. 

I think the nearest vet school to Toronto is in Guelph (aka an hour away) unfortunately.  It depends on where in TO they live though, west TO is actually pretty close to Guelph.

Guelph wants $6,000 for her surgery for pancreatitis. She also has been diagnosed as a diabetic. Does anyone else have any information or experience with their doodles having this problem?

Anything would help

Surgery for pancreatitis?

What kind of surgery do they do for pancreatitis? I thought you meant surgery for the elbow dysplasia/luxating patellas. 

My guess was duct is blocked and causing more and more enzymes to build up in the pancreas.

Found this on some random website too:

"Surgery may be necessary, particularly if the dog’s pancreas is abscessed or the pancreatic duct is blocked."

and a more scientific source which cites three possibilities for why surgery would be necessary (blocked duct, necrotic tissue and abcesses):

Her keaton levels are high as well..


That's my guess.  Unclear if the pancreatitis is causing the diabetes or the other way around but hopefully it's temporary and caused by the pancreatitis.  In any case, poor pup sounds very sick :(

I'm pretty sure I know who Lily's breeder is, and if I'm correct, you have a 2 year health warranty against genetic defects/conditions which specifies reimbursement up to the purchase price of the puppy. While most of the health issues you have mentioned here are not genetic, the elbow dysplasia and luxating patellas are. Even if you are not planning to do surgery for that, you may have a claim and might be able to recover some money if those issues were diagnosed before she turned 2 years old. (If you've been buying NuVet vitamins from the breeder, that extends to 4 years.) 

Have you contacted the breeder about any of these issues? 



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