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I have a 2 year old mini teddybear golden doodle named lily. She is usually very energetic and always happy. But recently she has been extremely lathargic. She will run to her bowl of water to drink as if she has not drank for years and then throw up after. Sometimes she will just make a burp like sound and throw up. Her nose is dry and has crusties on it. Shes not the happy go lucky dog i know and im realy worried. She was diagnosed with lacating patella in her back legs.she has elbow dysplasia and she is going to be 3 years old soon.

The vet hasnt given us much except tell us she is sick. But this is not right! If anyone knows anything about the symptoms i have listed people let me know anything you know at all it would be extremely appreciated.

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This doesn't sound related to the elbow problems. (I think you meant to say "luxating patella, not "lactating", lol.) This sounds digestive, and might be serious. I'm thinking possibly pancreatitis or possibly a foreign body in her digestive tract. I don;t know when she last saw the vet, but I would get her to one immediately. And I'd have bloodwork done and an Xray taken. 

I will be doing that and oh wow i did type that lol!

From our discussion here about pancreatitis:

  • If your dog vomits more than once (sometimes with accompanying diarrhea, but not always), isn't interested in eating, and is listless or not wanting to move or get up....get him to a Vet.  This is what Pancreatitis looks like in its early stages.  The Vet will often be able to determine if it actually is Pancreatitis through a quick blood test which shows elevated pancreatic enzymes.  Catching this early is critical, and repeated vomiting can quickly lead to dehydration.   We got Guinness into the Vet within the first 12 hours and he was already dehydrated.  While you're waiting to get your dog into the Vet be very careful of any food you give him....low fat only, if anything.

Has she been checked for kidney disease or Diabetes? She's pretty young for those issues but the lethargy and drinking lots of water makes me wonder....

Yeah a 2-year old dog should not be lethargic... definitely needs to be checked out ASAP.

We are seeing the vet tuesday. She has had pancreatitis before. She’s become really thirsty and constantly drinks and then throws up. She has peed on the bed as wel and i know dogs never pee where they sleep. So i know this is a serious situatikn. Hopefully it is just pancrreatitis. I don’t know what else it could be. We went to the vet before and he said she is sick. But didn’t say with what as he did not know yet. We will be taking blood teats and xrays to make sure everything is okay with her. Could possibly be diabetes. She is allergic to chicken. I will update you all when i get the info from the vet.

I'm not saying this to frighten you, but it's important for others reading this to know that there is no such thing as "just" pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis is fatal in 22% of cases, and in severe cases, the mortality rate jumps to 45%. It is a very serious disease. 

Also, IF she has an allergy to chicken (and there is no reliable test for food allergies, which occur in only 1% of dogs), that would not account for any of these symptoms. It would be more likely that she has a sensitivity to chicken as opposed to an actual allergy, but even then, it would not cause lethargy.
I would try to get her to the vet before Tuesday, especially if the symptoms do not improve or get worse. 

Any sudden change in behavior that persists for more than a couple days would have me at the emergency vet if my current vet weren't available. 

I agree - it sounds serious and I wouldn't wait until Tuesday.  If it is something serious like pancreatitis (or a diabetic crisis) that 2 days could make a big difference.

I agree about going to the vet now. Even if it’s a virus, it needs to be addressed. Like babies, dogs can get seriously ill quickly. Several days of serious symptoms, need addressing by someone with medical training. 

I'm just seeing this - were you able to get into the vet? How's Lily doing?

So an update, shes not doing very well. Again she is only 2 years old. She had pancreatitis and needs to get xrays done and that jazz.. she maybe diabetic as well.. so its a problem after the next. The hospital said it would cost $6000 for the surgery that is tequired... i’m going to go into debt.. but i rather know my dog is alive and well than anything else. If anyone knows any options in canada in toronto where to go for surgery or something cheaper cause i fee i am being a little played by these doctors. Take their time to tell me what is wrong with my dog..

What surgery is needed? 



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