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from a breeders website, a discussion is being hosted about vaccination issues.  I'm hoping one of you might be inclined to monitor this discussion and make it understandable for the rest of us!

Our April 2019 webinar
Date: April 17, 2019
Time: 11-12:30 PM EDT

Let’s talk about vaccines, titers and nomographs! In this live, 90-minute webinar and discussion, Gayle Watkins PhD will help you make sense of designing vaccine protocols for puppies, including using nomographs to guide your decisions. Gayle will be joined with Dr Laurie Larson from the CAVIDS lab for a Q&A session during the webinar.

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I think this is making the issue a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Even if some members here were willing to follow this discussion, how would they then report everything they heard/read to this group? I think it's fine for anyone who wants to follow it for their own knowledge, but it really isn't necessary. There is a clear vaccination protocol issued by the AAHA with input from several well-known veterinarians who are experts on the subject, including Laurie Larson. There is also a section on titer testing.
The above link is written in clear easy to understand language. 

I feel like I have as good a grasp on this issue as anyone who isn't a vet, lol. (And maybe better than some who are). Do you have a specific question about vaccinating? 

My gosh, it costs $20 to listen to that webinar! And it's for breeders, for pups before they go home. Not necessary OR helpful for any of us here. 

Thanks for the link, Karen. I need a bit of time to digest the important parts.

It's not new info, Nancy. Same guidelines that have been recommended since 2017. Yet some vets still vaccinate every year. :(

I know it's not all new but I haven't really followed any of it.  We just get the shots our vet tells us to get when he tells us we need them.  When it was not really commonly being done, he switched core vaccines to every three years. He is getting up there in years and we mostly see a young vet now. When we get our next doggy, I need to pay more attention to this and make the decisions for myself.

A vet who switches to the three year vaccines as a matter of course without you having to ask about it is a very good vet. :) That's what they ALL should be doing. 



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