Update on Cooper

The snack in the evening before bed has been successful preventing the morning vomiting. He is slim so I am not worried about the extra calories. I am giving him a pinch of kibble, chicken and a few sweet potato cubes and last night he was all like "Woo Hoo!". He is back on his Claritin and EPO. Still on Proviable DC. Only Pure Bite treats or none at all. He really does like them so awesome for training! BM could be firmer but good.

So, I have another question. He is not a morning eater, never has been and could easily turn into a grazer which is not ideal. Yesterday he ate around 1pm and then again at 5pm. I am not concerned now that it is an upset stomach, it's just him.  Pick up his food? I hesitate to do anything right now when things are going so well but should I soon? If yes when? Would you?

I want to thank you all again! FB groups are utterly useless! 

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  • I'd pick the food up after 10 minutes. But I might offer it again after an hour or so but no added goodies or enticements. If he eats right away great, if not, I'd pick it up and make him wait until dinner. I'd do this for a few days, then I'd quit. It might assuage your need to nurture.  The best answer is to pick it up and stay strong. 

  • You are a good and experienced dog mom.  You and Cooper will be fine. Just because he's beyond cute, he's no different than any other dog with individual traits and needs, and you've got that down.  

  • Hooray for the good news. I know it's hard but I'd pick up the food after 10-15 minutes. He will be hungry at the next meal. It's going to be a game of will between you. There are reasons for not allowing grazing. One is that it regulates poop. :-)

    • Thanks! I am guessing that he will be more regular also, for example early morning, mid-morning and late afternoon. It's crazy, he is not my first dog. Raising a family we had multiple dogs that went to the vet once a year for their yearly. The were labs or lab mixes. Now it's just me, him, his ears, his allergies and his sensitive stomach lol! He is the first that is not food motivated as well. I have made a mess of things but now I am hopefully on track with his food and hopefully his allergies. Season is coming up here in Florida for the dreaded Oak Pollen. Ears haven't been a terrible problem until his new (his groomer left the shop) groomer did a fabulous job on his ear hair. Now I can't keep his ears completely uninflamed. 
      I am doing a daily "systems check"...appetite, BM, feet, eyes, ears and general itching. 🤣🤣

  • And I'm glad he is doing better. :)
    Stay with the Proviable as long as possible. 

  • Absolutely pick up the bowl after 10 minutes. If the food sat there until 1 pm before he ate any, he's already a grazer, lol.
    I cannot emphasize strongly enough how big a mistake it is to free feed, even with dogs who are not picky eaters. It has so many detrimental effects, I could write a book about it, lol.

    Besides creating a picky eater, free feeding can:
    1.Contribute to the development of resource guarding
    2.Weaken your bond with your dog and your dog's view of you as his leader and caretaker
    3.Create a dominant personality
    4.Make it hard to monitor health issues long term
    5.Make treatment of any illness your dog does develop much more difficult
    6.Make it difficult to travel with your dog or board your dog

    And I'm sure I'll think of a few more before the day is out, lol. 

    Here is how everyone should be feeding their dog:
    Feed twice a day at set times, the same time every day, including weekends. It may help to have these times coincide with your own meals. 
    Make mealtime a ritual, signalling to the dog that it's time to eat. This can be as simple as just talking enthusiastically to your dog: "You know what time it is? It's SUPPERTIME! Let's go have supper!" I actually have a little song I sing to Jasper while I'm fixing his meal, and he accompanies me by squeaking a toy, lol.
    Stay with your dog when he eats. You might sit down nearby and have a snack, meal or beverage of your own. Or just be nearby, occupied with some boring activity like wiping the kitchen counters. Be nonchalant.
    Keep all distractions to a minimum. That means, nobody is coming in and out of the room, nobody is calling out from another room, nobody is doing something really exciting nearby, like kids playing in the next room, etc. It's quiet and relaxed and there is nothing interesting going on to distract the dog from his meal.
    After 5-10 minutes, pick up the bowl and do not offer food again until the next scheduled mealtime. 

    Take back control of your dog's diet and food bowl. It will benefit him greatly in the long run, and you too.



    • Thanks Karen! I have my marching orders. I am on it! You haven't steered me wrong yet 😉

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