Whew...Oak Pollen is finally gone

I got him into a Veterinary Dermatologist today and was thrilled to be talking to someone who was on the same page as all that I have learned here and other reading. I was able to keep the worst of Cooper's allergy symptoms controlled during the height of the season but he still has red itchy eyes and pink ears even now. This vet hates Apoguel and won't prescribe it if she can help it. She said Zyrtec is the preferred antihistamine and the latest paper that she read even increased to dosage to around 1mg per pound twice a day. In fact if Coop was on Apoquel he wouldn't have to discontinue it but Zyrtec masks the allergic response so effectively that she doesn't want him to take it for two weeks prior to testing. He gets the scratch testing in two weeks. He was in good shape for her exam minus a little yeast in his ears and was thrilled at my level of knowledge. Said they were hiring 🤣🤣. She also said, after looking at his history that dogs with environmental allergies often have gastric issues. I told her where we are with his diet and no food trial is indicated at this time.
It just feels good to have a partner in his treatment instead of an adversary.    

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            • Yes. Knowing what he is allergic to is key.

              I also forgot to explain that even when he is having a period like the current one, where he has no symptoms at all, he still will need his antigen injections at regular intervals. The longest I have heard of between shots is 4 weeks. That's because you have to always keep a certain level in his system so that the tolerance threshold doesn't drop lower. It's complicated, but it's based on the most basic principle of biology, homeostasis; the body is always going to do what it needs to do to maintain the status quo. I call it "keeping an even keel". If it doesn't need to tolerate a certain level of allergens, it won't. So you have to continue making it tolerate them, if that makes sense. 

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