Yeti’s ear infections

Yeti has chronic ear infections. We have the flush and even an antibiotic for them. We have talked with our vet and our groomer about the hair that grows in his ear canal and both agree that it does not need to be removed (which I know is just not true). I was wondering if anyone had pictures of what their dogs ears look like after plucking the hair out? Also, do you use a tweezers or is there a different tool I could use?


Thanks for suggestions in advance!

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  • The vet believes they are caused from water getting into his ears but besides being groomed I have no idea how water would get in them. They turn into yeast infections and his ears are constantly itching / bothering him. We have been battleing this particular infection since September or so. The vet has shaved the inside of the ears to get a better look but that is it.

    • I'd ask the vet how water could get into his ears. That makes no sense. 

  • I don;t agree that the hair in the ear canals does not need to be removed, particularly in a dog who does suffer from chronic ear infections, but you should not be doing it yourself and absolutely not with a tweezers. A hemostat is what is used, and if you don;t know exactly how to use it, you can actually cause an ear infection.
    Has your vet given you a reason for Yeti's ear infections? And what are his/her reasons for not removing the hair from the canals?

    • Riley's vet said that because her ear hair doesn't go deep into her canals that it should be fine to leave it EXCEPT if she starts getting ear infections.  If those started up then her ear hair would absolutely need to start being plucked regularly.

      I'm guessing our new puppy will need the ear plucking because he is basically a poodle with a little Golden splashed in there.  

      I used to pluck our Bichon's ears way back.  Most of the time I just used ear powder and my fingers to gently grab small bits at a time, but I used a hemostat for inside the canal.  She had VERY hairy ears, probably pretty similar to a poodle.

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