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Pemphigus Follaceus.

So Murphy has been getting these pussy sacks all around, especially his groin and rear end. We have had him to the vet group which we have seen 3 Drs and each a gave the same diagnoses as weals or coleretts. Treatment of antibiotics, shots for itchin

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Fatty deposit

So Murphy has on his stomach some fatty deposit that the Vet has checked in the past and said no big deal he said. It has gotten bigger of late. It feels like a small balloon. Does not bother him when you squish it around. I'm going to bring him in f

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Pinched Nerve?

Hi everyone! Every now and then Teddy seems to have a thing with his neck. It started happening maybe a year or two ago (he's 5 now) and the latest bout was last night - worst yet. He'll have trouble turning his head to one side or the other and won'

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