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Jake woke me up this morning at 4 am because he wouldn't settle down.  He was pacing and panting and wouldn't lay down and settle. I let him out and he did pee send I have him breakfast because I thought his tummy night be upset from being empty.

My h

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Constant itching


I have a 14 week old GD. He is constantly itching and biting himself. He does not have fleas, and no parasites. I brush him regularly, so he’s not matted. We’ve only given him 3 baths with Burt’s bees oatmeal shampoo since we’ve had him because

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I had posted on the food group earlier today. We took Lorenzo in to the LSU vet school today and after about 7 hours we got a call that he has Lymphoma Stage V. We are beyond heartbroken. Our baby is just over a year old. We are confused and feeling

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Abnormal Thyroid. (T4)

Jack has his normal annual exam this past Friday which included the senior panel. Thankfully, his liver and kidney numbers are perfect.  Once again, his T4 came up low Less than 0.5.  This is an ongoing theme with him.  Every year, I pursue the furth

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Ear infections

I have a constant battle with Katie's ears. They get yeasty and red and itchy. We have treated over and over again with mometamax (sometimes called mometavet.) Antifungal, antibiotic, and steroid. It works, but no matter how much I try to keep them c

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