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Jack was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma 7 weeks ago.  At that time he had a mass rupture on his spleen.  There were no lesions on his liver or kidneys and his chest looked clear on the scan they did prior to surgery.  Since his surgery he has had 4 s

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Staph infection

3364238483?profile=originalWelp my sweet Phin has come down with a staph infection. To make matters worse, Yeti will not stop trying to clean his staph infection. We just got home from the vet where we were prescribed with 10 days of cephalexin. We’re to give him 2 a day and k

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Spots on tummy

3364238064?profile=originalHello all! A few days ago I noticed that our dog Yeti would not stop licking our other dog Phin. Phin doesn't seem bothered by it, but it is CONSTANT. Yeti has never felt the desire to have to be next to Phin at all times (Phin would love it though.

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Dark urine

Here's the deal...

Jake had an accident last night on the couch. He was laying there and I scratched his hip and then he started licking his man parts and then hoped of the couch and layed on the floor.  I noticed about 20 minutes later that the couch

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