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Health and Medical Issues (for our pets)


Health and Medical Issues (for our pets)

This group is a place to discuss any and all health and medical issues related to our pets. We can have in depth discussions here. All discussions on Seizures are now in their own group.

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General Guidelines

Over the years that this group has been in existence it has assisted many doodles and their humans.  It has offered advice, a place to vent, etc.  This group MUST be a place where people can turn and be confident that the advice they will get is based upon FACT - medically and scientifically accepted FACT- not "I heard", anecdotes, advertising claims, or other unfounded or misleading advice. The moderators of this Group will delete any post that we feel does not meet this criteria. 


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Recessed Vulva (this is a new one) and an ear infection

Started by Stacy. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle 11 hours ago. 12 Replies

Willow went to the vet yesterday with an ear infection, and Karen you should be pleased to hear I do finally have a vet who cultures ear infection goo. We treated it with a medication I hadn't heard of before called Claro. It's still a combination of antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. But the nice thing about this drug is it's a one time treatment that is supposed to work continuously for 30 days, so I don't have to squirt anything in there. She has an appointment for a recheck in 2 weeks. The vet said as an isolated event it's not a big deal, but if it becomes a chronic problem it's often associated with food allergies and we should do a food trial. I have mixed emotions about that. Right now I'm hoping it isn't a recurrent problem so we don't even have to go there. The other thing I brought up to him is that Willow always seems to pee on herself. The hair surrounding her vulva is always dirty. And she had that UTI a while ago. He looked at her and said she has a recessed vulva, and if it's a problem they can do a vulvoplasty to resect the skin folds there so the vulva protrudes more. Or if it seems to be more minor we can just keep the fur clipped from around that area - something I knew needed to be done but clippers, delicate skin, wiggly puppy and I have not been able to accomplish that on our own.This issue is something I haven't experienced before but I had been reading about it and I couldn't figure it out. The trick is, she looks normal when you look at her lying on her back with her belly up. But if you look at her from behind when she's standing you can see that her vulva is surrounded by skin folds and does look different than the other girls. I had heard that they usually grow out of it, but that's not really what I'm reading in the veterinary articles. But I'm still hoping that if she grows a little more she might grow into her skin folds. He also mentioned that slightly delayed spaying may help with this. We are doing slightly delayed…Continue

Flea and Tick Prevention Choices

Started by Cindy and Olive (Ollie). Last reply by c zoomer on Friday. 31 Replies

It is tick season here in NJ and I have always given Olive Sentinel (every 39 days) and Frontline Plus every 27 days. What’s the deal with Frontline Plus vs Frontline Gold - I see one new med added to the Gold, but figured I’d ask the experts. I’ve stuck with Frontline as it has been the forerunner in this and is tried and true, and I’m a bit leery of those oral tabs. But should I switch her to Frontline Gold? Thanks!Continue

Struvite Crystals (Also posted in Food Group)

Started by Laurie, Wally & Charlotte. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on Wednesday. 1 Reply

For the past six months, Charlotte's pH has been fluctuating and she has had a number of urine tests with some showing struvite crystals and some without. An x-ray was taken in December and revealed no bladder stones. Our vet concluded that Charlotte's pH just goes up and down, and without any stones, this is Charlotte's "normal." About 10 days ago, she was showing physical signs of a UTI and was put on an antibiotic since we'd be traveling, but the urine evaluation did not find any bacteria. We have been flooding her food (Acana Grasslands) with water to dilute her urine, hoping that this will help keep the pH down. Next week, she'll have another x-ray done as well as a sterile urine culture. Here are my questions: If the x-ray shows no stone/s and the culture indicates no bacteria, but possibly struvite crystals again, should I change her food to one without starches (since starch alkalizes pH) and one without magnesium and calcium? Should I give her any supplements such as ascorbic acid, cranberries, d-mannose? Some of these are just for bacteria prevention if I understand it correctly. And if she doesn't have any bacteria in her urine, what would be the point? I'm hoping to find some additional perspectives to help inform our decisions moving forward. Continue

Spay & Gastropexy Surgery - After Care Advice?

Started by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie. Last reply by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie May 6. 44 Replies

So my baby girl goes in this week for the double surgery, I'm just reaching out for feedback/advice on aftercare.  I know the gastropexy is much more invasive than the spay and I know I'll get a checklist of things to do from the vet when I pick her up but looking for feedback from those who have already been through it (hits, misses, things to watch for, etc).  I'm just real nervous for her, she's my odd little wild child so I'm concerned about her plus the surgery facility is not local so any issues will fall on my vet and/or at an emergency facility. The more I know the better prepared I'll be. This poor girl had a rough start in the beginning so I want to make this as easy on her as possible.It's been a while since my other two were spayed and neither had any interest in the stitches luckily but Sassy was extremely hyper (spastic) the week following her surgery so keeping her calm was a real challenge.  I'll be home with her the first few days then will do a tag team with my daughter.Any advice on keeping her from the stitches if it poses a problem, resuming her normal diet (vet office briefly mentioned transitioning slowly back to kibble), walking, stairs, downtime, etc.Thanks in advanceJolene and Miss MaisieContinue


Started by Courtney Sykes. Last reply by Cindy and Olive (Ollie) May 1. 10 Replies

I had posted on the food group earlier today. We took Lorenzo in to the LSU vet school today and after about 7 hours we got a call that he has Lymphoma Stage V. We are beyond heartbroken. Our baby is just over a year old. We are confused and feeling so guilty because we didn't see the signs and he has been playing and being the same sweet boy while this cancer was eating at him. Now we are faced with the decision of putting him on elspar, prednisone, or doing chemotherapy. The vet oncologist said that without treatment we may have days to weeks with him so it seems unlikely that chemo would do all that much for him. We want him to be comfortable and happy. I'm concerned about the elspar having numerous negative side effects even though it supposedly kills cancer cells. Does anyone have any experience with these drugs?Continue

Pinched Nerve?

Started by Nicole and Teddy. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Apr 26. 10 Replies

Hi everyone! Every now and then Teddy seems to have a thing with his neck. It started happening maybe a year or two ago (he's 5 now) and the latest bout was last night - worst yet. He'll have trouble turning his head to one side or the other and won't look up at me when I'm giving him treats. I talked with the vet about it last year and she gave me a prescription for Carprofen if it flares up. By the time I brought him in that time, it had somewhat subsided, and he's so excitable at the vet anyway he could have a broken leg and still be jumping for attention (yes, this is an ongoing battle!). She did say that it's similar to when we "sleep wrong" or do something else to throw our backs/necks out - very familiar with this with myself unfortunately. Anyhoo, she basically said to keep an eye on it and give him the Carprofen if he seems to be having an episode. Last night not sure how it happened but all of a sudden in the evening he was back to not being able to turn his head a certain way, doing these weird movements with his mouth, and couldn't lay down in a comfortable position. Gave him a pill and googled and found lots of info about pinched nerves in dogs (and lots of other scary stuff, of course). He had a restless night but today seems much better. One of sites said something about Vetriscience Vetridisc ( as a preventative measure. Anyone have any experience with this with your pups and, if so, any…Continue

Constant itching

Started by Sarah. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Apr 13. 15 Replies

hello I have a 14 week old GD. He is constantly itching and biting himself. He does not have fleas, and no parasites. I brush him regularly, so he’s not matted. We’ve only given him 3 baths with Burt’s bees oatmeal shampoo since we’ve had him because he got dirty. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and what can be used to resolve it?? Thanks!Continue


Started by Lindsey Holt. Last reply by Lindsey Holt Apr 11. 6 Replies

Jake woke me up this morning at 4 am because he wouldn't settle down.  He was pacing and panting and wouldn't lay down and settle. I let him out and he did pee send I have him breakfast because I thought his tummy night be upset from being empty.My husband said he was fine at 7 when he got up and went out potty right away, but otherwise seemed fine.  I checked on him on our camera at 1045 and he was frantically ringing the bell to go outside and pacing again.  My husband raced home and let him out and he ran over to the side to go pee.  There were some drops by the door.  My husband and I are disagreeing about whether to take him in.  Thoughts?Continue

Eye crust removed - left raw spot

Started by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie. Last reply by Jolene, Sassparilla & Josie Mar 8. 12 Replies

So my little girl Maisie gets eye crust off and on and last night even after a bath she had a large one on the inside corner of her eye. Sadly when I tried to remove it, it took off a layer of skin with it, they are usually just caught in the hair around her eyes.  Any advise on what I can do to prevent that raw area from getting infected.  I'm guessing this is from allergies from the environment unless this might be a poodle thing? TIAContinue

Vaccination, titer discussions

Started by c zoomer. Last reply by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle Mar 5. 6 Replies

from a breeders website, a discussion is being hosted about vaccination issues.  I'm hoping one of you might be inclined to monitor this discussion and make it understandable for the rest of us! April 2019 webinarNomographs and Vaccine ProtocolsDate: April 17, 2019 Time: 11-12:30 PM EDTLet’s talk about vaccines, titers and nomographs! In this live, 90-minute webinar and discussion, Gayle Watkins PhD will help you make sense of designing vaccine protocols for puppies, including using nomographs to guide your decisions. Gayle will be joined with Dr Laurie Larson from the CAVIDS lab for a Q&A session during the webinar.Continue

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Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on March 19, 2019 at 2:31pm
Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on March 19, 2019 at 2:31pm

And here's a link to a previous discussion about a doodle here who had IMHA.
I also want to mention that if Clyde has the primary form of IMHA, that's genetic. It runs in Miniature Poodles and in American Cocker Spaniels, both of which are in your Clyde's ancestry. You may want to inform your breeder.
Some info:

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on March 19, 2019 at 2:26pm

In the meantime, here's some information. Treatment and prognosis of IMHA depends on whether it is the primary or secondary form, as well as the severity and the dog's condition at the time of diagnosis.

Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on March 19, 2019 at 2:21pm

Leeb, I'm sorry to hear this. The Comments section is really not the best place to ask questions or get responses. If you start a new discussion here in the Health Group, people can respond directly. Simply click +Add a Discussion right above this Comment Wall to start a new discussion.

Comment by Leeb on March 19, 2019 at 2:04pm

Hi, My 5 year old australian labradoodle Clyde was diagnosed with IMHA on weds last week. he is so sick and I am so worried. He is taking 6 different medications but is so lethargic and sick. Does anyone have any good news stories?


Comment by Karen, Jasper and Jackdoodle on January 21, 2018 at 5:50pm

Lisa, it would be easier to respond if you re-open the discussion you started here in this group. 

Comment by Lisa Duarte on January 21, 2018 at 5:40pm

Sorry, I tried finding this discussed before but, couldn't find anything. Brady is our 9 month old doodle (Australian labradoodle). We've had to have his anal glands cleaned now about 3-4 times since June? He started biting and licking again which leads me to believe I need to bring him in to the vet yet again. 

Has anyone else experienced issues with their pups anal glands? We have also dealt with soft stools/diarrhea on and off too. He's on the same food he was on with breeder when we got him, although it's not grain free. The other versions in the line are though but, they aren't puppy kibble. Could this be causing some of the ongoing issues? Are there any home remedies to provide relief before I get him to vet? 

Anything in particular I should be asking the vet? Last time they said some dogs just need to have it done but, this seems crazy to me. He's about 35lbs so not small.


Comment by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie on December 31, 2017 at 11:24am

I’m not up to date on supplements at all

but my guys are getting older so I’ll be watching to see others’ input. 

Comment by Linda, Charlie Brown and Beau on December 30, 2017 at 7:59pm

Anyone had experience with EFAC (hip & joint supplement)?  Charlie  has some arthritis in his left from knee and the vet thought he might possibly benefit from this product.

Comment by Diane, Hurley and Sidney on May 27, 2017 at 11:10am

I have a new ALD who is turning 1 year next month.  We got him at 9 months.  He has some anxiety and fear that we have been successfully been working on.  He is doing great in that area.  However, riding in the car presents a challenge.  He gets motion sickness.  InItially when in the car he drooled like crazy and would throw up.  I have worked with him to ease that anxiety and he is doing great.  He only drools a little now.   Now he is excited to get into the car and jumps right in and is not in a hurry to get out.  However, he still throws up.   Does anyone have an OTC holistic medication they would recommend?     


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