For those of us who have doodles over 65#!! Bigger can be better!!

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  • Laurel, have you considered a Bernedoodle?  I have a goldendoodle and a bernedoodle.  The golden is 63 lbs but my bernedoodle is right around 100 lbs. Great personality.

  • You might check the GANA's website:

    The advantage there is that the breeders must meet at least minimum standards on health testing and age of parents. 

  • Jack weighs 80 lbs, (he has been as high as 90) but I adopted him from a shelter at 14 months old. He was originally purchased from a pet store. :(

    It does seem that most people are looking for medium size doodles these days. Even on the DRC website, the majority of people are looking to adopt smaller doodles, 20-40 lbs. 

  • Thank you Karen. I'm not sure we're stuck on F1 so long as we can get an F1B with a nice blocky appearance. I really would appreciate it if some of you with jumbo doodles would private message and let me know where you got your dogs. From what we've seen, few people want big ones so a lot of breeders are putting out 50-70 lb dogs. We love the big guys. They have such presence. Our Roofus made such noise sitting down like a ton of bricks or shuffling across a hardwood floor (Do they all drag their feet?). We never knew how accustomed to his noises we were until we suddenly lost him.

  • Hi Laurel, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Breeder recommendations and referrals are not allowed in public discussions here on DK. People will have to send you a friend request and message you. There are not many good breeders still breeding F1 standards, so be sure to read the guidelines on what to look for in a breeder and use them as a checklist for any breeder you consider.

  • Hello,
    I'm looking for a large golden doodle puppy, as we recently lost our dear 90 lb, 27-inch tall F1 goldendoodle Roofus. Can anyone provide me with the names of some reputable breeders of large goldendoodles? We live in the Midwest but are willing to travel as our Roofus was part of our family & amazing with our 3 children.; we miss him so much. Thanks in advance!
  • Yes. Finley boy was 75 lbs at 8 months. :)
    He is now 2 1/2 yrs old and weighs 100 lbs. He is a big love!
  • Hi everyone! I have a standard Goldendoodle named Bailey. He just turned 8 months old & weighes 65 1/2 pounds. Does anyone have or had a Doodle puppy this big at 8 mths?
  • Well, Doc turned two 8/1. At his vet visit he weighed 66lbs! Lol! He made it by a pound! Of course he had no hair to speak of and hadn't been eating well since the move from TN to AR. That happened 6-1 (He is better now!). I'd bet he gaining "some" back.. goodness knows his hair is coming back just fine lol! I just posted a recent pic in my album... I do not see the button here to post a pic :(
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Predicting a heavyweight

Hello there doodle parents!I’ve been lurking around on this group debating whether or not we belong but after his weigh in today I think my 4 month old Beamer is going to be a heavyweight.He’s currently 40lbs so I’m assuming by the adult weight prediction formula that he’ll be in the 80-90 lb range! The funny thing is that right now his legs are way too long for his body. Maybe as he grows it’ll even out and he’ll end up in the 70lb range as his breeder said. Addendum: Added a picture! 

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Any one else have a difficult time finding a breeder with large doodles.  I am finding most are trying to get smaller and I am hoping to find a large doodle. I've checked the breeder organization page and all are medium to small.  Even the standards are only 55-65 lbs

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Meet Thor

I am new to this group and thought I would introduce Thor my one year old Bernedoodle.  He weighed 90lbs last time he was weighed.  We live in a small town in NE Oregon.  I also have Thor's half sister Ruby an English Goldendoodle.  She is 7 months old close to 50lbs.  Not sure if she will ever qualify for this group.  I Guess time will tell.

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