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Any one else have a difficult time finding a breeder with large doodles.  I am finding most are trying to get smaller and I am hoping to find a large doodle. I've checked the breeder organization page and all are medium to small.  Even the standards are only 55-65 lbs

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I have had all  kinds and sizes of doodles and have to say that I prefer the larger doodles also.  However, because doodles are house dogs, most people are tending toward the smaller-sized dogs and if that is the demand, then you know about "supply and demand".  Breeders tend to bred what will sell the quickest.  Keep looking and you will find exactly what you want and do not be satisfied until you do find exactly what you want.

I love big doodles - it's probably in my head, but they seem to be more easy going and loving - for us, it seems like the bigger the doodle, the more they like to cuddle, lol

Our big boy was near 80 pounds before he passed away. 

His littermate sister is 67 pounds. 

We recently got a medium sized, but eventually I would like to get another standard. 

Abbey I happen to know of a very repurable breeder that has 2 standard f1bs availabke right now in Ohio.  If u r interested send me a friend request as I cant list them publically

Frances, breeder recommendations and referrals are not allowed here in the open forums. You have to send a PM.

Oooops been so long since I visited this site :( I completely forgot....deleted. Hope you are well :)

Thank you. :) 



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